Minutes of November 17, 2010 Meeting

Elsa Alves (Dana), John Brennan, Sara Harrington (chair), Rob Hilliker (minute-taker), Julie Still (Robeson), Sandy Troy (guest), Paul Young

1. The agenda was approved as submitted.

2. Committee members reviewed the tasks listed in the September 2010 minutes.

3. Online Tutorial for the Search Process

Sandy Troy and Sara Harrington shared information with the committee on the University’s development of an updated online tutorial on the search process. It was also noted that the current version may expand its focus on diversity. It was agreed that whatever the University develops will have to be adapted to fit the particular needs of the RUL community. Sara and Sandy attended “Building Faculty for the 21st Century” on Oct. 29th, which included a Powerpoint presentation by Dr. Valentine. Finally, Sandy noted that there is an online sexual harassment tutorial available and that it will, in future, be required for all supervisory staff.

4. Brief Review of work on Management Development Program (MDP)

Sara Harrington and John Brennan affirmed the completion of our suggestions for future refinements to the Management Development program. This feedback will be submitted to Lila Fredenburg.

5. Outreach to Assess Training Needs

The committee began by defining what sort of training we have in mind. Julie posited a distinction between “training,” which is focused on everyday needs, and “learning,” which would be more “career development” oriented. The committee felt that career development should not be the focus of our offerings and efforts, but there should be room for programs that could be framed as “grow within the profession,” especially as individual positions grow and change over time. A particular area of interest for training is in technology skills since technological changes are an ongoing concern for the libraries.

Next the committee discussed who we should be reaching out to and what we should be asking them. The committee agreed that the AULs should be our first priority for outreach, along with Harry Glazer, as chair of the Marketing Committee; Qian Hu, as Chair of the Committee on Scholarly and Professional Activities (SAPAC); and the PC Working Group, who are working on a “Technical Skills Series” to be both live and recorded. The committee further discussed how best to approach these individuals and groups and decided to develop both a boilerplate with preliminary questions and a framework for follow-up conversations (face-to-face or on the phone).

6. Training Providers, Partners, and Opportunities of Interest

The committee shared the results of their survey of current training opportunities available within the libraries and the broader Rutgers community. Paul and Elizabeth had looked at the various programs under the auspices of UHR, indicating that there is too much there to truly cover it all, and providing both a list of various program categories and a summary of those workshops that might be of interest, including Sakai training, presentation skills, management programs, and others on communication skills. Robert noted that the OIT/OIRT programs appear to have been rolled into the UHR workshop offerings and that there is a certificate program for Information Technology. Sara pointed out that the IT workshops offered by CTAAR have been of interest to the RUL community in the past, such as using Dreamweaver, Excel, and Powerpoint, and that it might make sense to approach them about doing some sort of “Office” refresher course, especially now that the Zimbra transition is going on, and people are having to rethink how they do things. CTAAR also offers workshops for Faculty in support of teaching, particularly teaching with technology.

Julie noted that there is actually a list of campus events, including training workshops, currently available for Camden, which makes it easy to identify opportunities there. Elsa, meanwhile, forwarded a brochure regarding training opportunities on the Newark campus.

7. RSS Feeds for Information Sharing

Robert Hilliker presented to the committee about the potential utility of RSS feeds as a means to both simplify and improve internal libraries communication. He emphasized that RSS feeds are best for information that is serial in nature and that they can take the place of listservs that primarily intended for centralized announcements, and offer a good way to deliver information about upcoming events. Also, because they are offered via subscription it makes it easier for interested parties to get pertinent information. Finally, he noted that feeds can be aggregated, so it could allow the committee to gather information on training programs and opportunities in a single location for public dissemination.

Robert summarized the various methods of producing RSS feeds. He then mentioned his surprise at discovering that there are not currently any library news feeds in RUL, and that there are few RSS feeds in general, which led him to wonder whether offering some training session on setting up and maintaining a feed might be of use to the RUL community. Julie pointed out that there is a pilot program supported by Tibor Purger and the OIT for library blogs hosted by Wordpress, and that, given the ease of generating an RSS feed from blogs, it is worth exploring the possibilities for synergy here.

8. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 3:20 pm.

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