Minutes of May 26, 20112 Meeting

Elsa Alves, John Brennan, Sara Harrington (chair and recorder), Elizabeth Leister, Julie Still, Marilyn Wilt, Paul Young

1. The agenda was approved.

2. M. Wilt shared information about the recently offered and highly engaging "Creative Decision-Making Program," presented by Christina Bilinski of University Human Resources. It was noted that the tools shared applied equally to work and personal decision- making processes.

3. M. Wilt shared information about the soon-to-be developed New Employee Online Orientation program, launched by A. Butman, L. Fredenburg, T. Meyer and M. Wilt. Because it was difficult to find a single day in which new employees hired during a particular time range could meet, the online orientation was developed in order to be more flexible, and to offer resources that could be repeatedly consulted by employees. The resources will include checklists for supervisors and employees, information about the University and RUL leaders, lists of the RUL libraries and centers, local points of interest near the three campuses, etc.

4. M. Wilt shared that a program on Workplace Violence, entitled "Rutgers Workplace Violence Policy, Workplace Violence Response and Prevention" would be held on Thursday, July 14, from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon in the Teleconference Lecture Hall, Scholarly Communication Center, Alexander Library. (In a related discussion, J. Still noted the importance of building walk-throughs to determine safe rooms, and the importance of periodic reviews of the Health and Safety manual and emergency procedures for each building.)

5. M. Wilt discussed with the Committee members preliminary plans for Banned Books Week, which will take place from September 24- October 1, 2011. A team composed of K. Denda, L. Fredenburg, K. Mulcahy and M. Wilt is planning activities including faculty panels and film screenings and it is hoped that there will be events on all three campuses. TLC members should send suggestions for programming and other ideas to M. Wilt.

6. Committee members have had the opportunity to discuss training and learning needs and opportunities for faculty and staff with select AULs. The Committee members reviewed what we learned from these discussions. There were several common threads in the discussions, namely, that it is important to reach out to both faculty and staff members, as well as to consider the needs of specific groups, such as selectors, for example. (T. Izbicki is pursuing training for selectors.) It was also pointed out that there are a number of wonderful training opportunities available at the University, state, and regional levels, and that it might be useful to ask a representative from the Libraries to attend and report back to RUL. The importance of a balance between technical and business skills and more general enrichment programs was also underscored. M. Wilt will also meet with AULs in the context of the newly released strategic goals.

7. S. Harrington reviewed the Committee's progress on its annual goals for 2010-2011.

The Committee will complete its goals for the year; the tutorial work is likely to continue into the next academic year.

8. The Committee discussed compiling resources on the search process in the context of diversity which are specific to the library profession. Committee members will search for resources in the library literature, resources that emerge from professional organizations, and resources from other universities. Committee members will share these resources with S. Harrington.

9. The meeting was adjourned, with best wishes for a wonderful summer!

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