Minutes of June 19, 2011 Meeting

Vibiana Cvetkovic - Chair; Elsa Alves; Fay Austin; Zohreh Bonianian; Elizabeth Leister; Orla Mejia; Gene Springs; Marilyn Wilt; Christine Wolff, Geoffrey Wood; Paul Young (minutes)

Introductions and Welcomes

Discussion of TLC Projects

Two subcommittees will be formed for 2 projects.

Marilyn reviewed history and purpose of each.

Goals: Each subcommitee will meet in July, before TLC's next meeting (7/17) in a way that best suits personnel (teleconference, sakai chat, etc.) for three purposes:

  1. Outline of time frame.
  2. Clarity of how to proceed.
  3. List of questions, if any.

Staff Awards and Recognition - Orla (convener), Zohreh, Christine, Paul.

The sub-group will meet on Tuesday, 7/10/12 at 10:00 am in the Hughes room at ALEX.


Training and Learning Opportunities - Geoff W. (convener), Elsa, Faye, Gene.

Time and place to be determined.

Open-ended, voluntary participation in the following 4 areas: Technology; Communication; Professional Development; Health & Safety.


To assist the subcommittee, Marilyn reviewed this training site.

Question of monitoring completion of training courses was brought up. Certificates of completion can be offered. If HR decides a certain training program is necessary, HR could then organize participation and verify completion.

Training and Development Website

Vibiana set forth the following timeframe:

Banned Books Week - Sept. 30th to Oct. 6th

There will be Faculty panels, film exhibits and live readings of banned books in the Scarlet Latte café. It's never too early to submit ideas for topics, panels, and exhibits!

Action items

Next meeting: Tues. July 17th 1:30 pm. ALEX - 3rd Floor Librarians' Conf. Rm.

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/training_com/minutes/tlc_11-06-19.shtml
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