Minutes of July 17, 2012 Meeting

Vibiana Cvetkovic - Chair; Elsa Alves (Recorder); Fay Austin; Zohreh Bonianian; Orla Mejia; Gene Springs; Marilyn Wilt; Christine Wolff, Geoffrey Wood; Paul Young; Julie Still (Robeson)

I. Call to Order

II. Approval of agenda and minutes

III. Orla Presented Staff Awards and Recognition (Subcommittee-Orla Mejia,Christine Wolff, Paul Young, Zohreh Bonianian)

  1. The group discussed the draft report for Staff Awards. Subcommittee proposed to have 2 types of awards: "Day to Day" and "One Time" Awards.
    1. Day to Day Award would be somewhat informal, e.g. certificate or a note. Individuals could nominate someone by submitting a form online. An Awards Sub-Committee would monitor the submissions prior to posting to an online forum.
      1. Questions:
        1. Limit to the number of submissions?
        2. What resources are available to create an online forum?
        3. Are faculty nominated?
        4. What is the program's name? ABCD Award (Above Call of Duty)
        5. What other folks do?
  2. Recommendations:
    1. Publicize on different venues, e.g. Facebook, Libraries Homepage, TLC website…etc.
    2. Advertise the program
    3. Subcommittee suggested an immediate recognition. Perhaps once a week? Or twice a week?
    4. Due to the potential influx of submissions, the Sub-committee suggested not to evaluate the submissions. Just to read to make sure appropriate.
    5. Subcommittee also suggested not only having an electronic form of recognition, but in a tangible format, e.g. small note card.
    6. We need to get approval from Cabinet to move forward especially for online resources.
    7. No limitations
    8. Subcommittee will include recommendations and move forward with the Day to Day Award. They will send it Marilyn who will in turn forward to Lila Fredenburg.
    9. Awards are for staff.
  3. One Time Award a more formal award where someone receives an award during a social event. Program would run from April to April. Awards Subcommittee to meet in two week's time to discuss the proposal (by September 2012). If approved, program can possibly start in the Fall semester? Topics for discussion are:
    1. Award name
    2. Criteria for qualifications
    3. Publicizing the award
    4. Nomination process
    5. Deliberation and selection process- Who would be involved for deliberation, HR, Admin?
    6. Limited to staff only?
    7. Recommendations:
      1. Marilyn suggested that the Subcommittee make suggestions this is what we would like to see. Looking at the marketing and outreach, both Subcommittees will need to work with Harry Glazer to make sure we are getting the appropriate message out at the appropriate time.
      2. Move proposal to September.

IV. Geoff Presented Training and Learning Opportunities (Subcommittee- Geoffrey Wood, Fay Austin, Gene Springs, Elsa Alves)

  1. The group discussed the draft report for TLO. We set 3 priorities.
    1. Create a proposal for a more robust website to be first approved by TLC. Then to be submitted to Cabinet.
    2. Update current website with corrected links…
    3. Possibly revisit the Core Competencies documents.
  2. Recommendations:
    1. Make it a 2 year timetable. Within these 2 years, it is the mission of the group to have a very robust/dynamic website.
    2. Update website. Put out announcements.
    3. Advertise TLC website.
    4. By October, TLO should list all questions.
    5. 2 Step process:
      1. Do what we could do now. E.g. clean and update website.
      2. Create a proposal for a more comprehensive plan for training and learning to present to Cabinet.
        1. TLO subgroup should meet with Lila.

V. Marilyn-T&D Website

  1. Needs to be updated
  2. Basic design was intended offer opportunities links to programs available outside/inside University with descriptions of each program.
  3. Offer tutorials which some are good some are out of date.
  4. Revisit exist our website, clean it up and get it ready for the next phase.

VI. Marilyn-LYNDA.com

  1. Cabinet has approved us purchasing 3 licenses for the coming year.
  2. We have to determine how we will roll that out and what will be the instructions to access them. Possible new tech training resource.

VII. Marilyn-Banned books

  1. Identified two co-chairs for the Planning Committee, Kayo Denda and Nancy Kranich.
  2. Nancy suggested possible topics since she is teaching a class Intellectual Freedom. Also working with American Bar Association on Civility and Free Expression in a Constitutional Democracy
  3. Nancy & Kayo coming up with ideas for banned books.
  4. Invite students both undergraduate and graduate.
  5. Orla- to send Marilyn info on Banned books from Montclair State University contact ("Page to Stage"). No films this year.
  6. Live readings of banned books Scarlett Latte between 12-2 during Banned Books Week; asking for volunteers to read. Each person would sign up for 10 minute intervals to read their favorite banned book.
  7. Julie- suggested Banned books should include "censorship by budget" books. Low priority books, e.g. "50 Shades of Grey"

VIII. Vibiana-Agenda for next meeting

  1. Doodle Poll 2nd Tuesday 1:30-3:00pm.
  2. Next meeting Sept 11, 2012.
  3. No facilitator rotation.
  4. Staff Awards subcommittee to report out. Tweak document to send to Marilyn to send to Lila. By September's meeting should have proposal to send to Cabinet.
  5. TLO set up meeting with Lila. Have a document to present to Lila and get her input. Report Progress to TLC in September's meeting. Short term goal is by October have something to present to Cabinet.
  6. Marilyn will have updates.

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