Minutes of September 11, 2012 Meeting

Chair - Vibiana Cvetokovic; Attending - Christine Wolff (minutes); Gene Springs; Orla Mejia; Geoffrey Wood; Elsa Alves
Lila Fredenburg

1. Jeff gave an update on the progress of the Learning Opportunities Subcommittee. They have started updating the website. They are almost done with updating the links on the site and will hand it off to Sam McDonald on Friday (September 14th) and Sam should have the updates finished by next Wednesday (September 19th). The subcommittee has to wait on opening a suggestions box and a feedback form, until early October, because IIS needs to switch to a new internal system.

2. Lila gave updates on State of the Libraries and Banned Books Week.

a. State of the Libraries

i. Date has been set - forthcoming via email from Lila

ii. Will have the same format as in past years (i.e. with the showcase)

iii. Will be at the Livingston campus student center

b. Banned Books Week

i. Will be chaired by Nancy Kranich and Kayo Denda

ii. Will take part in ALA digital readout, with students reading

1. Will give them "READ" posters

iii. Plans to put up "READ" posters around the libraries; Want to feature individuals from RU on them

iv. Will have staff readings three times during the week, during lunch hour

v. There will be a privacy dialogue with Nancy Kranich

3. Vibiana and Orla reported on the status of the Awards/Recognition Program proposal.

a. Marilyn, Vibiana, and Orla will present the Awards/Recognition Program proposal to Cabinet on September 18th

b. After Cabinet - still outstanding: developing forms, setting specific dates, etc.

c. Orla suggested that the frequency for the day to day program should be changed from quarterly to weekly or ongoing/continuous, with subcommittee members frequently monitoring the submissions.

d. Elsa inquired if Marianne would be willing to come to Newark for lunch if the one-time award winner was in Newark - Vibiana/Lila confirmed that this would be possible.

4. Learning Opportunities subcommittee will likely present in October to Cabinet.

5. Julie will stay in TLC as the Camden representative. She will join the Learning Opportunities subcommittee.

6. Orla suggested that there be a subject-specific librarian (or staff member) in the Scarlet Café for a few hours each week, to promote the café and use the space.

a. Orla will put together a summary of her ideas for this and will post it on Sakai.

b. Will discuss this further at the October meeting.

Next meeting: Tuesday, October 9th, 1:30-3:00pm, in the University Librarian's Conference Room

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