Minutes of October 9, 2012 Meeting

Vibiana Cvetkovic - Chair; Elsa Alves; Fay Austin; Zohreh Bonianian (minutes); Orla Mejia; Marilyn Wilt; Christine Wolf; Geoffrey Wood; Paul Young

Learning Opportunities Subcommittee:

The meeting began with Geoff updating the group with revisions to the website which included updates to links, addition of new links, and removal of outdated links.

The new link descriptions are scheduled for completion in November, with the addition of a possible Suggestion box and a Headlines box. Integration of social media into the website was brought up, and Geoff explained that it had been discussed in terms of using it for advertisement; however, nothing is confirmed at this point.

Staff Award Recognition Subcommittee:

Orla and Marilyn had presented the proposal for the Staff award recognition program to the Cabinet and they informed us about the Cabinet's comments.

The "One-Time" (Annual) award had the following suggestions:

The "Day to Day" Award had a mixed review. One of the important things is that it must be indicated that it can not be used as part of any annual performance review.

Vibiana suggested that the subcommittee focus on the Annual award since it includes all libraries. Existing awards at Camden and Newark, and their criteria and their categories, were discussed. It was noted that they include part-time staff as well.

The subcommittee will work on the details of both awards.

Geoff mentioned revising the Mission Statement. The entire group needs to work on this statement, specifically item 5B, in order to align it with the new strategic plan. Marilyn also clarified this matter further. Vibiana thought we could best review this issue at one of our next meetings.

Marilyn announced the purchase of 3 licenses for Lynda.com. Once the licenses are acquired, she will notify us.

State of the Libraries will be on Wednesday November 28th, 2012 at Livingston Student Center and will be video-conference to Camden and Newark. There are currently 12 proposals for showcases.

Next meeting: Tuesday, Nov.13th at 1:30 pm

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