Minutes of December 11, 2012 Meeting

Paul Young, Elsa Alves (remote - Newark), Marilyn Wilt, Fay Austin, Vibiana Cvetkovic (remote - Camden), Lila Fredenburg

1. Staff awards/recognition update - Lila

a. Lila reported that we have hit a setback with the awards program; University Counsel notified her that it would have to be a negotiable item with the union(s). Lila will follow up on this and update the committee about the final resolution.

2. Website update - Elsa/Marilyn/Vib

a. Elsa and Marilyn reported that the subcommittee is considering adding information icons to each link to help explain what each link contains. They are also considering condensing the "Word" trainings into one link with an expanded list on a subpage. They want to find a way to make the site more visually appealing; they would like to use icons (rather than a list) on the site, similar to the University of Maryland, Baltimore County's Kuhn Library's website - http://www.umbc.edu/aok/main/index.html.

b. Vib explained that the website still needs searching capabilities to make it more visually appealing and user-friendly. She told the committee that the PC Working Group is currently working on putting together some "how to" tutorials for simple computer tasks and that it would be worth collaborating with them to incorporate those tutorials onto the TLC website.

c. Marilyn explained that she would like the site to be interactive; the website should provide a place for user feedback with suggestions of what kind of trainings they would (or perhaps, would not) like.

d. The committee discussed how we would advertise the new site. Fay suggested that we could send out emails to engage RUL employees in a monthly chat and to attract them to the site. Other ideas were suggested, including a newsletter and a feature on the staff resources site.

i. Vib will speak to someone on the web board about suggesting changes to the staff resources main page so it isn't just a list of the latest documents added.

3. Other

a. The committee spoke about the possibility of reevaluating our prior assessment of competencies and considering offering training opportunities for employees with or without certain competencies.

b. Vib and Marilyn will meet with Lila to review and clarify the mission/direction of the committee.

c. Marilyn reported that with the upcoming implementation of Word 2010, there will be training available and that there has been good feedback on Lynda.com so far.

Next meeting - Tuesday, January 8

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