Technical Services Core Working Group-
Holdings Management Team & Serials Acquisitions Management Team: Charge

Technical Services Core Working Group

The Technical Services Core Working Group has been charged to cultivate, develop and maintain standard practices for all distributed technical services functions performed in the units following established polices of the Central Technical Services departments. Technical services functions that are performed at the units range from serials acquisitions and the receipt of current material to the maintenance of existing collections. The group has formed two sub-groups to share specialized knowledge and practices.

Holdings Management Team

Holdings management oversees the representation of holdings in the online catalog for all tangible collections. This includes MARC holdings for serials, Bindery, Preservation, Weeding, Inventory and Item maintenance for all collections.

Serials Acquisitions Management Team

Serials Acquisitions Management includes oversight and performance of search and order for print only, print with online and individual online subscriptions represented on subject funds; vendor analysis, maintenance of subscriptions, renewals, cancellations and fund management in the context of invoices, payments and renewals.

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