Minutes for February 13, 2003 meeting

The Holdings Working Group met on 2/13/03 in NB in the TSB conference room, with members from Newark and Camden attending via teleconference.

Old Business: Ellen to ask IPAC how to represent current unbound holdings in the 852 display. (Note: 2/20/03, Gracemary reported that IPAC approved the continued use of "Current" as a location).

Continued the review of MARC Holdings Standards for 852 Tags (update #3). Gracemary pointed out that the current document reflects New Brunswick Libraries practices and locations, and that input was needed from Camden and Newark in order to create system-wide standards.

It was suggested that the current MARC Holdings Statement document be amended to reflect the policy that |c in the 852 is always a sublocation, and that all variations should be reflected in |z. This policy and any necessary explanations should be at the head of the document.

Much discussion ensued about titles that are shelved in more than two locations in one library or that have multiple supersessions. Two main questions emerged: how many 852 fields are required and how to make these statements clearer. Ellen was asked to refer these questions to IPAC.

Before adjourning, the group addressed the question of establishing an 852 for titles that are on order. On order status should be reflected in |z. Camden suggested adding a date to the order note, but it was felt that this could raise too many questions.

Further discussion of the Standards document will take place at the next meeting, scheduled for March 5th at 10:00.

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