Minutes for March 5, 2003 meeting

The Holdings Working Group met on 3/5/03 in NB in the TSB conference room, with members from Newark and Camden campuses attending via teleconferencing.

Old Business

Gracemary wondered why problems with 930's on records were not being sent to Alex or Dana. Problem records should be e- mailed to the appropriate library.

Continued the review of MARC Holdings standards for 852 tags (Update # 3)

The delimeter (i) should be removed on No. 15 of the update # 3 for an annual Sudoc.

Examples were discussed of Newspaper records that have too many listings in the Current holdings. It was decided that an 866 should be created to compress the records and notes should be added.

Also a plan was discussed for Dana and Camden to start a procedure for system wide RUL quality control, involving monthly Random Read of the red book for serials control for titles received on the record read day. Camden and Dana will implement this procedure on the 1st of April.

A MARC training session will be set up at a future date.

Further discussion will take place at the next meeting, scheduled for April 1, 2003 at 10:00am.

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