Minutes for October 10, 2003 meeting

[Chair] Gracemary Smulewitz [Recorder] Melody Tomaszewicz, EL, CS, PC, KR, EC, LT, IB, TM, FC, AL, BP, W-HR


  1. Cancellations for this FY - status
  2. MARC holdings implementation and inventory
  3. Bindery changes- I. Bogus and G. Smulewitz
  4. Marcive loads and influence on holdings work

Cancellation Procedures

1. The NBL Cancellations Coordinator is notified to cancel a subscription.

a. Adds title to Cancellations/Ceased database

b. Updates control records

c.  Sends a list of order records to Acquisitions Dept. for cancellation.

2. When the last issue is received, the receiver verifies the title is complete:

a. If there are open claims on the title, the control is updated following normal procedures.

b. If all issues have been indicated as received, the receiver prints the extinfo

c. Incomplete volumes are put on the BIND-PREP shelf with the extinfo printout and the control record is modified according to BIND-PREP procedures.

3. Complete volumes with extinfo printout are put in the Bindery Processing's designated area.

  1. The volume and extinfo printout are double barcoded.
  2. The volume is added in ABLE.
  3. The ABLE record is deleted.
  4. The volume is readied for shipment.

4. The barcoded extinfo printout is put in IRIS Maintenance's designated area.

  1. The volume is received on the bound control and the barcode is wanded in.
  2. The loose control and marc records are removed.
  3. The volume is charged out to ALEXBIND or LSMBIND.

5. The NBL Coordinator is notified of the completed title.

  1. Updates the Cancellations/Ceased database.
  2. Removes the bound control.

Meeting Recap

Status of Cancellations

Bindery Changes

852---With gaps; see detailed holdings discussion.

863 document—when to use Inc.

Merged formats

Meeting adjourned  -  12:03 P.M.



  1. KR    Iliana wants a report for materials with 866s needed.  KR Iliana wants a report for materials with 866s needed.  Kayla will resend a report to her.
  2. CS    Chris will send a current list of Marc holdings codes to us, for review.
  3. GMS    Gracemary should send the 863 document to Dana and put it on the Serial Web page.
  4. MT    Melody should send the Missing issues document to Dana the the Holdings Working group email list.
  5. GMS    Gracemary to check on Everts meeting with Nancy Hendrickson; send information on Swets merger with Everts


  1. Public service opinion of the 852 cancellation (online access) note  Currently the url is in blue on the OPAC public display screen.
  2. EC will ask IPAC about online hotline, Evaluate the online notes.
  3. Cancellation procedures will be posted online by Gracemary on the Holdings Working Group serials Procedures.
  4. NBL and others should come together with standards, in cooperation with the Holdings Working Group and the Documents group.  Perhaps a meeting should take place in December including what's on the web page (e.g. Sirsi forms, serial control issues, etc). 
  5. Our goal is to have binding standards.
  6. Standardizing practices of how to make item lines.
  7. Talking about pagination in current holdings.

Next Meeting Date: 11/5/03 10:00 A.M.
@ TSB Conference Room

Next recorder: Paul Cabelli
Backup recorder: Ellen Calhoun

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