Minutes for November 5, 2003 meeting

Gracemary Smulewitz [chair], Iliana Bernal Ian Bogus, Paul Cabelli [recorder], Ellen Calhoun, Yoshiko Ishii, Andrea Lakios, Elizabeth Leister, Jean Madden, Teri McNally, Kayla Reichardt, Chris Sterback, and Linda Turzynski
Fatima Cunha and Melody Tomaszewicz


Meeting was called to order @ 10:15am

Identity and history of group

Everetts-Swets merger

  1. make list of all Everetts titles
  2. ask Swets to identify titles.
  3. Get new list of all Everetts titles from Swets

E. Calhoun wondered if this switch affects online titles; Swets already did online exchanges

G. Smulewitz notified the group that Swets is dropping Blackwells from their name.

Serials Inventory Project update


Cancellations update

Other discussion topics

Meeting was adjourned @ 11:43am




Next meeting date: December 3, 2003 - Location: TSB - Time: 10:00am

Next recorder: Ellen Calhoun
Backup recorder: Elizabeth Leister

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/ts-core/minutes/holdings_wg_03-11-05.shtml
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