Minutes for May 4, 2004 meeting

Gracemary Smulewitz [Chair], Iliana Bernal, Ian Bogus, Paul Cabelli, Ellen Calhoun, Yoshiko Ishii, Andrea Lakios, Elizabeth Leister, Christopher Sterback [recorder], Melody Tomaszewicz, and Linda Turzynski


  1. Report on MARC Holdings issues for standardization and review of new processes. Training program - MT
  2. Report on progress of Item Standardization Committee - PC
  3. Webpage - design and information - GS


Meeting was called to order at 10:05 a.m.

1. Minutes

Last month's minutes were approved with no corrections.

Gracemary stated that she will ask Sam MacDonald to regularly post the Holdings Working Group minutes to Staff Resources and also post any minutes that are missing.

2. Report on MARC Holdings

Melody reported on the status of the serials inventory project. Just this week Chemistry finished creating Marc Holdings records for all current receipts and will now move to serials not currently received. Art, Douglass, Kilmer and Music have also completed creating holdings records for current receipts. Math is almost done. Alexander is moving along but we're not sure of the percentage completed. Newark expects to start the week of May 9 or May 16. Linda will provide a status report at the end of the month and determine whether additional help and a mentor are needed.

Melody also reviewed the process and organization of the staff that created the records. Branch library personnel in New Brunswick created Marc Holdings records. If the unit had Access Services staff they were also trained on this process. Units without Access services staff utilized student workers. As newly trained units were creating the records, mentors were assigned to help with difficult questions/issues.

3. Review of "Messy marcs"

At the last meeting, the the "Federal Register" was used as an example of a Marc Holdings record that was too hard to read.

There were too many commas denoting the gaps which made it difficult to determine the exact issues held at RUL. At last month's HWG meeting, designated members were assigned to recreate the record to make it more understandable and this record was reviewed at today's meeting. As a team, the committee suggested that more changes could be made and edited the record live. The HWG believes the different perspectives of the team members contributed to a much improved display. Ellen Calhoun will now take this this record to IPAC for comments.

Some of the decisions made during this process were:
a. for the item holdings represent multiple pages with "p." instead of "pp."
b. spell out Index if it will fit into the call number field
c. standardize spacing so that pagination follows "p." without spaces; if the word index needs to be included enter an ampersand followed by the word Index as in - p.####/#### & Index

4. Report from Item Standarization Committee

Paul reported that the committee met on April 8 and discussed CD's, DVD's and barcoding of multi-piece titles. Committee members will review how other sites are representing these materials and will take a look at the web catalogs of Wisconsin, Vanderbilt, and Penn State. Gracemary reported that she spoke to Judy Gardner about the committee and Judy suggested adding Access Services staff to the membership. It was also noted that, as the committee makes decisions, they will be passed to the Holdings Working Group for approval.

5. Webpage

The group reviewed the Holdings Working Group's presence under:

Staff Resources Serials Committees and Task Forces Holdings Working Group

and noted that:

  1. the charge is almost four years old and needs review,
  2. the membership needs to be updated,
  3. minutes need to be posted regularly, and
  4. existing documentation should be added to the reports and useful links section. Some of this documentation already exists under the NBL webpages and will be relocated here. Gracemary also noted that she will ask Grace whether the HWG's name could change to IRIS Holdings Management. She also suggested changing the name from a Working Group to Committee to indicate the permanent nature of this group.


See 3.a-c above for recommended way to enter pagination in call numbers


1. Gracemary will meet with Grace Agnew regarding changing the name of the HWG

2. Each HWG member should review the charge and suggest changes. Changes will be reviewed by the HWG and submitted to TSC for approval

3. Each HWG member should review the list of Contacts for accuracy and submit changes to Gracemary so that web page can be updated

The meeting adjourned at 11:50.

Next Meeting Date: June 2, 2004
Location: TSB Time: 10:00 a.m.

Next recorder:Melody Tomaszewicz
Backup recorder: Linda Turzynski

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/ts-core/minutes/holdings_wg_04-05-04.shtml
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