Minutes for June 2, 2004 meeting

GMS, PC, MT, EL, EC, LT, CS, IB, TM, IB, JC, AL, BP - I may be missing some that were on the video link

Agenda items:

  1. MARC Holdings - continued discussion - report on a review session held at LSM and questions and issues about the inventory process. GS, MT, PC, IB
  2. Report on discussion with Grace Agnew regarding this committee- GS
  3. Webpage discussion - everyone

Meeting started at 10:05, Adjourned at 11:30.

1. Minutes from the May meeting were approved with no changes

2. Report on the Marc-Holdings/Inventory project: Art, Music, Douglass, Kilmer and now Chemistry have completed the first stage of the Inventory project. Math is in abeyance until Andy's line gets filled with someone who can start on the project again.

3. Report from the Item Standardization Focus Group: We met on May 13, and discussed the treatment of CDs. Members of the group had searched several sites for how other libraries handled CDs in their item lines. We had examples from University of Pennsylvania, Vanderbilt and XX? On June 10, we will to over examples of CD item lines and public notes that we entered into the test system. Chris Sterbeck will check to see if the public note has been enabled in the test system Webcat. We discussed the idea of having representation from Access Services on the IS Focus Group. GMS will ask for one or two volunteers, (possibly Jeff Teichman or Andy Martinez).

4. Marc-Holdings training/problem-solving session report: We were noticing problems with Marc Holdings caused by errors in the serials controls, and also originating in the Marc-Holdings Inventory project. There were a lot of "missing captions and patterns tag" errors, as well as Marc-Holdings showing up in the incorrect order, or "messy marcs" with lots of commas and/or lots of vertical holdings statements. We had created SWAT teams to fix some of these problems, but the SWAT teams were using different methods to fix them, and this led to some inconsistencies.

Last week we had a session to go over how to best correct problems, so we would all be on the same page. 12-15 people worked on Marc problems and made some real progress on standardizing the way we deal with Marc holdings problems. One characteristic of the system that was causing problems is the linking number that shows up in each expected issue. If it doesn't have a matching number in the 853, the missing captions and patterns error message shows up. This is another reason not to delete any 853 tags.

5. Gracemary would like to schedule a session with members from the Holdings Working Group, and all receiving staff to have a similar problem solving session. This would help everyone to increase the consistency of problem solving. 866s are being created, and we need to set up ways being consistent. There are a lot of ways to alter patterns, but because of Marc holdings we need to be consistent so we do not create problems for ourselves.

6. Gracemary plans to set up a session with NBL members, and Newark and Camden staff for training and problem solving. We would like to have as many as possible; perhaps hold the session in the SCC. Since we want to have as many as possible, she will send a choice of dates, so we can have the meeting in order to make it possible for covering desks, etc. Serials catalogers will also be invited.

7. We discussed serials inventory/Marc Holdings. Dana is using a holistic approach to deal with title changes. LT will send a copy of the revised inventory sheet they are using to the HWG. They are using the current serials list sent to them by GMS.

8. Camden has not started the serials inventory. It is on hold until they complete the Jstore withdrawns.

9. Mentors were mentioned, and offered their help to anyone who wishes to contact them.

10. The "with gaps" note was discussed. Should not be used unless there are lots of missing issues, or lots of commas making the Marc unreadable, and necessitating the creation of an 866. If a title is inactive, no more than 4 commas should be used. An 866 would be put in then, the 863s would be eliminated, and the "with gaps: see detailed holdings note" would be used in the 852 tag. Current titles are still being treated on a case by case basis. PC and GMS will be bringing in examples next month. We should also confer with other libraries holding the same title when making these decisions.

11. We held a brief discussion on Sudoc numbers. We discussed the necessity to edit the item line to be consistent with Sudoc standards.

12. We discussed shadowing the item lines that are attached to order records. Chris will look into this. Marchive item lines don't have order records, so they can be modified and used for actual holdings. Leaving the lines blank is confusing to the patrons. Creating a generic item line for orders and making sure all orders have an item line is an LIS issue. Each serial title should have a generic item line and should be linked to an order. If there is only one item line and you shadow it, the title is shadowed. This can be a problem in MF especially. Should we put in another line? Patron note? Shadowing can be done at the unit. We would have to see if systems can identify generic lines that were already modified. LIS should be asked, can we do this as a current policy. Staff note could tell us to add a new volume line and shadow the generic line.

13. Should we put in a separate marc for only 1 or 2 fiche? Or use a note? How do we handle more than 1 Marc holdings?

14. We had a brief discussion of the Webpage. Before the next meeting GMS will update the webpage. All should check the contact information for their area.

15. We had a brief discussion of our committee's charge, structure and frequency of meetings. More discussion of this will come in the near future, as well as future goals.

16. Linc plus was briefly discussed. Seems to be working well, and much quicker than Abel. Training and setup for Newark and Camden to come shortly.


- Set up training/problem solving sessions for Marc Holdings problems
- Update webpage further
- Bring in examples of with gaps records (with PC)

- Get answers from systems about generic item lines

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