Minutes for July 7, 2004 meeting

G. Smulewitz, I. Bogus, E. Calhoun, C. Sterback, P. Cabelli, E. Leister, L. Turzynski (recorder); by teleconference: I. Bernal, A. Lakios, Y. Ishii, J. Madden

The meeting began at 10:08 am.

Minutes from the June meeting were reviewed and revised slightly.

Gracemary reported that a decision was made at the July 1st Technical Services Council meeting that this groupBformerly the Holdings Working GroupBshould be re-named the Technical Services Core Working Group and be a subsidiary of the Council. Its work should support the goals of the Council:

It was further determined that members of the committee should meet twice a month, although there was general agreement that not all members need be present at each meeting. The new charge could be roughly divided into two categories of work, with each section meeting monthly.

The Committee agreed that extensive and in-depth training of using MARC holdings to fuel inventory was necessary and should be undertaken as quickly as possible. Two dates were selected, and everyone was urged strongly to attend both sessions. 1st session, 10 August 2004 in Newark. 2nd session, 18 August, location TBA. Training is expected to last all day.

To highlight the urgency of this training, Ian brought to the table several examples of how the MARC holdings affect the bindery record.

Next recorder: I. Bogus; back-up, E. Calhoun.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:17 am.

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