Minutes for March 2, 2005 meeting

Ian Bogus, Paul Cabelli (recorder), Ellen Calhoun, Salvatore Cardinale, Fatima Cunha (video – Dana), Andrea Lakios (video – Dana), Elizabeth Leister, Terry McNally (video – Camden), Jean Madden (video – Camden), Jamie Maguire, Rebecca Martinez, Bonnie Paz (video – Dana), Steve Perrotta (for Mary Beth Weber), Melody Tomaszewicz/dd>
Iliana Bernal, Andy Martinez, Gracemary Smulewitz (chair), Chris Sterback


Distributed Technical Services Meeting Minutes:

1. Discussion groups at TSB:

a. Cataloging Discussion Group

- The Cataloging Discussion Group meets once a month. The membership includes the section heads of the Cataloging Department, along with the head of DBM. Agendas are sent out ahead of time, and minutes are posted to the Staff Resources Cataloging web site. It was decided that Melody and Paul would be added to the group’s list serve, and that they could attend the monthly meeting if there was an agenda item relevant to their team’s work.

b. Database Management

- It was not known if DBM holds a monthly meeting, and if it would be appropriate for NBL Holdings Management staff to attend. Melody agreed to inquire about this.

c. Other discussion groups

- Elizabeth reported that after the Cataloging Discussion Group adjourns, she holds a meeting with her Serials Cataloging staff to inform them of any pertinent information regarding the just concluded meeting.

2. Discussion groups at NBL Collection Services Department:

After some deliberation, it was decided that NBL CSD focus group agendas and meeting minutes would be sent to the TSCWG representatives from Camden and Dana on a trial basis. This would allow for better dissemination of information to those involved in the technical services areas, and for more standardized workflows.

3. Linda Turzynski had been the DBM representative on the TSCWG – Holdings subgroup. Now that she has left the university, it was suggested that Mary Beth Weber ask Ruth Bogan to nominate a new DBM representative to take Linda’s place.

4. Bib-Cat/Holdings distributed workflows were briefly discussed. Melody suggested that we separate the processes into three groupings:

a. Material is in Library and in IRIS (Manipulation of Records)

b. Material is in Library and Not in IRIS (Addition of Records)

c. Material is new to Library and not in IRIS (Addition of Material and Records)

5. Bindery/Preservation/Processing distributed workflows were briefly discussed. The areas of common interest were:

a. Bindery – damaged new material

b. Preservation – damaged new material; accompanying material

c. Processing - accompanying material, bookplates, revision

6. It was noted that the labelling of material is not consistent throughout RUL. The group agreed that labels and labelling must be standardized.




Next meeting: 4/6/05, TSB
Next recorder: Ellen Calhoun
Back up recorder: Salvatore Cardinale

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