Minutes for April 6, 2005 meeting

[Chair]Gracemary Smulewitz [Recorder} Ellen Calhoun ; Chris Sterback, Sal Cardinale, Ian Bogus, Rebecca Martinez, Steve Zahorbenski, Melody Tomaszewicz, Andy Martinez, Paul Cabelli ; REMOTE: Jean Madden, Terry McNally, Bonnie Paz

MEETING RECAP: [The recorder at the end of each meeting is to recap all the decisions made, assignments and the decisions still pending and record them below].


Minutes from prior meeting are pending corrections.

The definition of distributed technical services as proposed was accepted.

Report minutes of focus groups to this TSCWG, not just the NBCollAccess list.

Use the rul_holdings@email listserv to communicate discussion at meetings.

Will have one list for selectors to communicate any questions about holdings or serials, probably the rul_serials@email listserv.

Notes from the discussion:

Need to establish appropriate communication channels and a full understanding of workflow and the role of all involved to reach completion of tasks.

Charge to group has 3 major areas: communication; understanding workflow; and procedures and standards.

Communication - covers list servs, committee membership, web pages.

Workflow incompasses mutual functions in TSB and the units, as in the weeding project

The contact person distributes functions for particular projects, not limited to buildings or departments, across boundaries. For example, ceased publications for serials now 1 reporting to cataloging so all holdings are closed at the same time for all libraries, and funds are reallocated for all.

Need to identify standard tasks or activities. For example, in labeling, Jamie will work with Acquisitions so tools, policy, procedure are the same for the system.

Need to document changes made in distributed technical services - what skills are needed, what are the standards, what are the functions and tasks. TSCWG needs to bring this to systemwide attention.

Staff resources page should have announcements of meetings, minutes posted, a way to email listservs, and a "how do you" list for staff.

Need to be sure appropriate people discuss issues that fall into cracks, such as - single issues of serials purchased?

Prior meeting created a list of who did what where. Need to prioritize these functions. Serials cataloging, holdings, gifts and preservation, labeling.

Next meeting date: May 4, 2005
time: 9:30 problems; 10:15 regular meeting
location TSB conference room
Next recorder: Cardinale Backup recorder: Madden

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/ts-core/minutes/holdings_wg_05-04-06.shtml
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