Minutes for May 2, 2005 meeting

Ian Bogus, Ellen Calhoun, Salvatore Cardinale [Recorder], Janet Howard, Elizabeth Leister, Yuhwei Ling, Andres Martinez, Rebecca Martinez, Steven Perrotta, Gracemary Smuluwitz [Chair], Christopher Sterback, Melody Tomaszewicz, Hala Issa [Dana Video conference] Iliana Bernal, Andrea Lakios [Camnden Video Conference] Teresa McNally, Jean Madden
Paul Cabelli


  1. Ebsco record loads - Paul C, Elizabeth L - document distributed via email
  2. End processing standards - I think this will be a long discussion - Ian B, Jamie Maguire (Jamie coordinates NB Processing and has done a great deal of research for this topic) - documents have been distributed via email
  3. Guidelines for using Superintendent of Documents classification numbers in labels -document has been distributed. - Ellen C and PC
  4. Government Documents standards for 852 - MT
  5. Coverage notes in the catalog for electronic resources- CP, RM, EL (If we have time for this topic then Cathy Pecoraro will join us for discussion)

Meeting Minutes

1. Paul, Elizabeth and Rebecca created documentation for identifying EBSCO LOAD records. Ebsco load records, which are transitory in nature, should have no control records, purchase orders, etc. added to them. Elizabeth and Chris elaborated further on the transitory nature of the records. Slight modifications were made to the documentation]

When Gracemary runs across an Ebsco load record she will send the example to the listserv.

2. End Processing documents, created by Ian Bogus and Jamie McGuire in conjunction with other members of TAS, were sent out earlier to the group for review. There were several discussions on the standards, here are some of the major ones:

3. Conclusion: Time ran out for the rest of the Agenda items. Ian stated that he would send updated TSCWG approved documentation to the group.


  1. It was decided that no "sheet maps" should get Tattle Taped
  2. All material, except for "library bound material", will get the barcode placed on inside of the back cover. For tiles that come in a language that is in a language that reads from left to right, the barcode will placed on what is the true back cover of the title, when compared to western languages, it is the inside center of the front cover.
  3. A consensus was reached that single sided Tattle Tape was to small, time consuming and difficult to place when working with large quantities of monographs.
  4. CD's will all now get barcodes on the front side of the jewel cases.


  1. When Gracemary runs across an ebsco load record she will send the example to the listserv.


  1. The final approval for the handling of accompanying material is still in process. The process is being reviewed by Access Services. The final version will be presented to Technical Services Council in June.

Next meeting: [6/1/2005]: [TAS]Time: [10:00]
Next recorder: [Janet Howard]
Back up recorder: [Elizabeth Leister]

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