Minutes for July 5, 2005 meeting

Mary Belinsky, Ian Bogus, Paul Cabelli, Ellen Calhoun, Salvatore Cardinale, Elizabeth Leister (recorder), Yuhwei Ling, Jean Madden (video- Camden), Jamie Maguire, Andy Martinez, Rebecca Martinez, Chris Sterback, Gracemary Smulewitz, Bonnie Spaventa, Mary Beth Weber


  1. Review and approve minutes from previous meeting
  2. Bookplating B establish a sequential workflow B identify the parties involved and the necessary communications to process bookplates (IB/JM)
  3. Accompanying material B overview of process (GS/EC) B impact on departments (Acquisitions, Cataloging, Collection Services/Tech Services, and Access Services) B discuss implementation and identify core representatives to develop implementation.

Meeting Minutes

Before addressing the agenda, Gracemary welcomed new members to the group: Mary Belinsky (Processing) and Bonnie Spaventa (DBM)

1. Minutes from the June meeting were approved without discussion. Minor changes had been communicated via email.

Latest version of processing documents were discussed.

Standard Call number Formats: Sirsi and our shelfready process are not able to completely accommodate our spacing convention B all lines will have to be left justified. The section on the hierarchy of volume designators (Paragraph 5 and examples) will be revisited by Elizabeth, Mary Beth, Steve Perrotta, Jaime and Ian. Changes will be distributed via email. Questions should also be addressed via email.

Label Placement Standards: Jaime and Ellen will amend the section on labeling maps. Changes will be distributed as above and added to the final document.

2. Bookplating

It was noted that bookplating is increasing in NBL. However, Jean hasn't seen this done in Camden for quite a while.

Material needing bookplates may result from a monetary donation via the Rutgers Foundation. Julia Zapcic would know the donor and be aware of the need for bookplating. Gracemary, Jaime, and the appropriate selector should be notified of the gift and of the need for bookplating material acquired through this gift. Gracemary will talk to Julia about this notification process. The selector will also notify Acquisitions and Collection Services processing will create a prototype bookplate.

For large physical gifts acquired by selectors, Gracemary, Jaime, and Mary should be notified and a prototype bookplate will be created and kept in a database at NBL. Mary Beth noted that Cataloging has used Avirtual bookplates@-- standardized local notes in the bib record.

Individual items, whether purchased with gift funds or physically donated, will have a notation on the display order screen indicating the need for bookplating. Such items also often have a green ANotify@ slip. The electronic order form will have a line added with the name of the donor and an indication of the need for bookplating. A standardized note describing the need for bookplating should be developed. Gracemary will bring this issue to NBCG. A mechanism for bookplating individual items received at unit libraries for processing will be developed by Jaime and Andy.

The overriding concern throughout this discussion was that while material needing bookplates comes to the Libraries in a variety of ways, a mechanism must be in place to identify these items and ensure that they are processed appropriately.

3. Accompanying materials

(At some point during this discussion the video conference connection to DANA was established, and Iliana Bernal and Andrea Lakios joined the meeting).

The document AAccompanying Materials B a Proposal for RUL Standards@ was reviewed by the group. Books or other formats with accompanying materials may come from Acquisitions or received in- house (generally serials), but should be handled in the same way. The proposal recommends that accompanying remain with the main item; that they have a single barcode representing all items and a note below the barcode indicating the # of pieces and a standardized note to count pieces; identical staff, circ and public notes indicating the number of pieces and a description of each piece; each piece will be numbered and circled in red.

The group then moved to a discussion of the processes involved in implementing this proposal.

Some conclusions:

Staff note describing the accompanying material should be added at the point of receipt in Acquisitions.

Mary Beth will share descriptive notes used by Media with Collection Services.

Paul will communicate standard terminology for types of materials.

Jean will discuss this process with Teri McNally and Camden will implement it as soon as possible.

Collection Services will order stamps. Cataloging, Acquisitions and Camden should inform Collection Services of the number of stamps needed.

A group will be established to test the process with representation from Acquisitions (Mary B.), Cataloging (to be determined), Access Services (Andy), Unit End Processing (Jaime), and DBM (Bonnie). Gracemary will send out proposed dates for this meeting.

Discussion ensued about difficulties encountered in processing nonbook formats with accompanying material and where to locate such materials. Andy is working on setting up a unique location in each library for this material.


1. Changes to processing standards to be incorporated in documents and distributed via email

2. Status of accompanying materials processing to be reported at next meeting


1. Groups to be convened for bookplating and accompanying materials detailed in minutes

2. Information to be disseminated (to whom, by whom) detailed in minutes

Next meeting: August 3, 2005, TSB, 10:00 a.m.
Recorder: Andy Martinez
Back up recorder: Rebecca Martinez?

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/ts-core/minutes/holdings_wg_05-07-05.shtml
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