Minutes for August 3, 2005 meeting

Gracemary Smulewitz (Chair), Chris Sterback, Yuhwei Ling, Ian Bogus, Jamie Maguire (guest), Melody Tomaszewicz, Salvatore Cardinale, Paul Cabelli, Rebecca Martinez, Ellen Calhoun, Elizabeth Leister, Andy Martinez (Recorder), Iliana Bernal, Andrea Lakios, Jean Madden


  1. Bookplates - standardizing the process
  2. Title changes and ceased publications - the workflow

Meeting Minutes

The meeting began with a discussion on bookplates. Jamie Maguire led this discussion. She discussed some of the existing procedures in place and possible options. Julia Zapcic works with the Rutgers Foundation as a liaison for gift donations. Part of her work is to assist selectors with developing a donation (monetary and books). A monetary gift (large and small) earmarked for the Libraries from the Foundation will have Julia contacting the selectors for that subject area directly. As an example, if a monetary donation is made, Julia contacts the appropriate selector to inform them of the available funds, how much can be spent, and the donor information. In most cases, large monetary gifts will go into specific order fund codes created just for that donation, while most small gifts go into a general gift fund.

Selectors who are working with a gift donation (whether it is monetary gift or physical books) should contact End Processing staff (Jamie) to determine if a bookplate will be used with the gift, and if yes, what type of bookplate will be used. Selectors will work with End Processing staff to design the bookplate to be placed in the item, picking from several options. Standard bookplates are formatted on pre-printed sheets, with text and font created depending on the specific donation. The selector working on the donation will discuss the formation of the bookplate with the donor to agree on the text and font to be used. Jamie will create samples to be reviewed, then a final template is chosen.

Books purchased or received from gift donations will be sent to Collection Services for the placement of a bookplate after Acq's staff completes their work. The selector will be responsible for providing End Processing staff with a rough estimate of the number of books that will be donated. Collection Services staff and ACQ will have to meet to finalize the workflow when sending gift books to Collection Services (instead of the local unit) and for revising the priority slips (paper and online) to include bookplate information.

For monetary gifts, a question was raised concerning how many books need to be purchased with a monetary gift for those books to be book plated. ACQ staff will work on adding a field to the online order form to include bookplate information. This information will help to flag the item so that it is sent to End Processing in Collection Services by ACQ staff, instead of the owning library. Once this revision is completed, the new form will be discussed at the next NB Collection Development Group meeting.

The next discussion concerned possible workflows for several record changes from the Collection Services and Serials Cataloging side. Paul Cabelli distributed six documents to the group. The documents related to title changes, major changes, ceased titles, format changes, and record merges from both the Collection Services side and Serials Cataloging side. A format change and title change for this discussion entails a change that requires the creation of new bib record.

The first two handouts discussed titles changes from the collection service's and technical service's side. The handouts are not a step-by-step process for the workflow. It is more of a discussion of the flow of material. All investigations/questions concerning whether it is an actual title change should go to Bib/Cat staff, so that they can be validated. Questions concerning possible title changes can come from anyone.

A discussion ensued on what to do with titles owned just by Camden/Dana. The serials team already handles title changes for the Dana Library. The established policy is if the title is owned by more than one library, serials team will take care of processing the title change. After discussion with Camden staff, all title changes will now go through the serials team. The Serials team will broadcast a message to all of the libraries that own a title that has changed once it has been validated.

Title changes initiated by Serials Cataloging staff (TAS) deal mainly with firm orders for serials or occasional approval items. From past experience, most of the title changes found by Serials Cataloging staff involve annual reports and government documents. Once a new title record is created, Serials Cataloging staff will send copies of both records (old title, new title) to Paul to process the marc holdings and remove controls. This information will come from Elizabeth, who is sending requests for investigation to Alex-CS for Humanities/Camden and LSM-CS for Science/Dana. Bib/Cat staff will work with Holdings staff to solve any associated problems that arise from the title change.

A discussion on ceased titles and format changes for collection services and serials cataloging occurred. For collection services, the handout discussed the process for dealing with ceased titles and major format changes. The handout discusses three possibilities: when a title ceases and all the issues have been received, when a title ceases and all of the issues have not been received and are claimed, and when a title ceases in one format (print) and is continued in another format (electronic). For all three options, Bib/Cat staff will investigate to make sure that the title has ceased or changed formats.

Bib/Cat staff will accept vendor information stating that a title has ceased in this instance. Camden/Dana staff will notify Bib/Cat staff if they come across a ceased title. For titles where the title has ceased but remaining issues are claimed, issues that have been received will stay on the shelf in the Current Periodical Collection. When Serials Cataloging staff identifies a ceased title, notification will be sent to one of the two CS hubs.

It was decided to table the discussion on merged and multiple formats until the next meeting.


  1. All questions/investigations for title changes will be processed through the Serials Team, except those found by Serials Cataloging staff.
  2. For ceased titles and format changes, Bib/Cat staff will accept vendor notification.
  3. Received issues of ceased titles that are claimed will remain in the Current Periodical Collection.
  4. Selectors working with a gift donation should try to notify End Processing staff with an estimate of the number of books from that donation that require book plating.


  1. What to do with long standing title record that have multiple holdings and have more than one call number on the record, such as a record with seven library holdings and three call numbers or a record with one library holdings but two different call numbers?
  2. Acq, Bib/Cat, and Serials Cataloging staff will meet to discuss possible options for dealing with single issues of serials purchased through the firm order process.
  3. How many books need to be purchased with a monetary gift to qualify for bookplates?
  4. Collection Services staff and Acq's staff will meet to finalize the workflow when sending gift books to Collection Services (instead of the local unit) for book plating.
  5. The priority slips (paper and online) need to be revised to include bookplate information.
  6. The online ordering form needs to be revised to include bookplate information.


  1. Discussion on multiple and merged formats processed by Collection Services and TAS.

Next meeting: Wednesday, September 7, 2005
Conference Room, TSB, Busch Campus
Time: 10:00am
Next recorder: Rebecca Martinez
Back up recorder: Chris Sterback

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