Minutes for October 5, 2006 meeting

Iliana Bernal (video Dana), Ian Bogus, Paul Cabelli, Ellen Calhoun, Salvatore Cardinale, Fatima Cunha (video Dana), Andrea Lakios (video Dana), Yuhwei Ling, Jean Madden (video Camden), Andy Martinez, Rebecca Martinez, Chris Sterback, Gracemary Smulewitz [Chair], Melody Tomaszewicz [Recorder]
Sharon Favaro, Elizabeth Leister,


  1. Approval of previous minutes
  2. We will finalize the discussion of the Bib/Cat workflows. The documents that Paul had prepared, as promised, will be distributed to you to discuss by email before the meeting. We have one workflow left in this category and that is a document for "New Titles" that we will go over at the meeting.
  3. We will begin to analyze Holdings Record Management which is a big category. Please let everyone know if there are specific areas that you feel need to be addressed first, otherwise we will begin with basic "adds", "withdrawals" and "transfers".

Meeting Minutes

1. Minutes were approved as written

2. We discussed the four documents dealing with title changes, new titles, ceased titles, and record merges. All documents were approved with minor changes.

3. Discussion of information online ensued. The ceased title database is listed on the Alexander T drive. Documents covering TSCWG—Holdings processes should be posted to the TSCWG—Holdings web page. Yasu will meet with Sam McDonald to review and work on the web page. A folder will be put in reports to hold Bib/cat committee minutes. We will also be working on putting a selectors tool kit on the website.

4. A discussion of statistics in regards to recons and title changes took place. Further discussions of ARL and other statistics will be scheduled.

5. Use of x versus z notes in Marc Holdings was discussed. For titles sent for cataloging, z notes are preferable because they tell the patrons where the issue has been sent. Z notes in Current Marc Holdings are frequently removed when the situation changes.

6. Ceased and format changes discussion:

7. We need to discuss how to report title changes in statistics, and in regard to the Serials list.

8. Government Documents processing will work out workflows for title changes, etc. in Government documents. Bob Hosh will be taking over as Focus Group head for this group, and will be bringing GD Processing issues to the TSCWG—Holdings group in the future.

9. We discussed how the functional groups would be integrated into the TSCWG—Holdings group. We agreed that the functional groups will continue to meet independently, and the team leaders will bring their input to the larger TSCWG—Holdings group. Access Services is currently doing this, with the seven functional groups that handle different aspects reporting to the larger Access Services group.

10. Now the functional groups will become RUL wide; each functional group will set up video conferencing for each of the future meetings. The chair of each meeting will investigate the availability of video conferencing equipment during the standard meeting times. Gracemary will then set up permanent reservations for these meeting times. The team leaders will forward the mission statements and previous meeting minutes to the members who will be joining the groups via video conferencing.

11. A brief discussion of what each focus group covers was discussed. Also, decisions were made about who would join the focus groups from the Newark and Camden campuses:

12. We will start with the RUL wide meetings of the focus groups in December. At least one meeting per year of each focus group will be held in the remote sites.

13. We had a brief discussion of how accompanying material is being handled. The new procedure seems to be working well.


  1. Bib/cat documents accepted as modified
  2. Focus groups will be RUL wide starting December 2005


  1. PC—Make changes to documents and send to Sam McDonald for posting to TSCWG web page.
  2. YD- Meet with web managers for refinement of TSCWG—Holdings web page
  3. PC, MT, BH, SC, IB, RM- forward mission statements and previous meeting minutes to new focus group members
  4. PC, MT, BH, SC, IB, RM- Video set ups for focus groups, update email lists for lists
  5. GMS and Systems- discuss DBM and statistics
  6. PC- Extract workflows and cheat sheets for bib/cat documents


  1. HRMT procedures
  2. Statistics review
  3. Focus groups will go RUL wide

Next meeting: [December 7, 2005]: [TSB Conference Room]Time: [10:00]
Next recorder: [Ian Bogus]
Back up recorder: [Paul Cabelli]

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