Minutes for March 1, 2006 meeting

Melody Tomaszewicz, Bob Hosh, Andy Martinez, Yuhwei Ling, Christopher Sterback, Julianne Ritter (guest), Rebecca Martinez, Ian Bogus, Gracemary Smulewitz (chair), Elizabeth Leister, Virgia Miller, Jamie Mcguire, Salvatore Cardinale, Ellen Calhoun (recorder), Paul Cabelli; via videoconference: Andrea Lakios, Terry McNally, Jean Madden, Fatima Cunha


  1. TechSr- Where do we stand. -MT
  2. Serials to Mono series- impacts and workflows. Cabelli, K. Geiger, E. Leister
  3. Continued discussion on Serials Inventory project-inactive reports- GS
  4. Staff resource pages - what did everyone find out from their departments- all
  5. Report on Accompanying material.- all
  6. Brief records - E.Leister

Meeting Minutes

The minutes from January meeting are still pending. New members to the Work group will be Sharon Favaro (as needed for gifts discussions), and Fay Austin, RUL's new Monographs Cataloger. As of July 1, Collection Services in the units will be named Distributed Technical Services.

Draft proposal for new location COLLSERV was discussed. The proposal will be sent back to the Holdings Record Maintenance Function Group for further discussion and examples. Chris Sterback will work with the group to investigate the implications of using COLLSERV as a home location. The TECHSR location will continue to be used for cataloging brief records created for circulation. Bindery repair may need a different user ID when reorganization places this operation under Preservation services. Ian Bogus will bring a recommendation back to TSCWG.

Serials that change to monographic series will be investigated by the BibCat person, who will determine the existence of a new distribution pattern. Divergent treatments will be treated when they are an apparent problem; the outcome will depend on the results of consultation with invested parties (serials cataloging, database management, and or acquisitions). Recataloging will remain a cataloging decision. The ship to address should be changed (to acquisitions) after the transfer of fund codes. The BibCat person will also consult with Processing, and Collection Management if 20 volumes or more are to be relocated. The discussion prompted a request for training in using the authority files for the Holdings and BibCat groups. Elizabeth will consult with MaryBeth Weber to arrange it.

Question of when to shadow brief records was discussed. Shadowed records do not go into the browse index. Titles are shadowed : for packages as management records; for monographic series as check-in records; for new electronic datases that are still in process; for thesis in bindery; and for professor copies on reserve. In old practice, circ-on-the-fly gov docs brief records were shadowed. In new practice, items are shadowed when order records are attached.

Jamie and Melodie are coordinating serials inventory with DANA. Staff there is working with a report of titles by letter after Jamie's visit for training. The DANA inventory will include material not in IRIS; brief records will be created for these titles. The ROBESON report is done, but Gary Golden wants to finish their weeding project before doing a serials inventory. All NB branches have finished inventory of current serials and are ready for the closed holdings inventory. Andy will coordinate a review and training session with Gracemary, with possibility of starting as a summer project.

Discussion of the staff resources pages will be continued at the next meeting. We need feedback from users as to if and how they are using the RUL pages. Ideas for FAQs, pathways, or better pages are needed.

Jamie met with Acquisitions processing and cataloging to discuss accompanying material. Gracemary will meet with Acquisitions to determine an implementation date. Sal and Andy will also meet to discuss procedures; and Andy will bring this to the Collection Management Group.




Next meeting: April 5, 2006: Conference Room TSB Time: 10:00 a.m.
Next recorder: Sal Cardinale
Back up recorder: Bob Hosh

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