Minutes for June 7, 2006 meeting

Fay Austin, Yuhwei Ling, Paul Cabelli, Melody Tomaszewicz, Chris Sterback, Andy Martinez, Jamie Maguire, Rebecca Martinez, Gracemary Smulewitz (Chair), Melissa DeFino, Virgia Miller, Salvatore Cardinale, Sharon Favaro, Elizabeth Leister (recorder); via video conference: Iliana Bernal, Andrea Lakios, Fatima Cunha (DANA); Jean Madden (Robeson).

Before addressing the current agenda, there was a brief discussion of when documentation related to a meeting should be presented. It was decided that procedures and documents to be reviewed should be distributed on the Friday preceding the meeting. The minutes from the previous meeting should be submitted by mid-month so that the minutes and the status of any actions decided upon can be reviewed in a timely fashion. It was also suggested that the agenda needs to be more structured and that documentation or procedures should be presented one at a time rather than en masse.

Meeting Minutes

1. Continued discussion on notes for serial records that have title changes. -- PC and others

A subgroup consisting of Paul Cabelli, Fay Austin, Ellen Calhoun and Elizabeth Leister met to review possible scenarios for the format of title change notes. The group presented several options, and after some discussion a consensus was reached on the following procedures:

A) For the Old Title, an 866 note will be added indicating the issue sent to cataloging, the date sent, and the new title (example: v. 18, no. 4 sent to cataloging 5/17/06 (Title changed t: Neurotransmitter chemistry review)).

B) For the New Title, a 780 will be added to the brief record, with indicators 00, |t followed by the old title. If necessary, for example for an annual report, the name of the relevant corporate body will be added before the |t.

C) Serials controls for all relevant libraries should be created at the same time. When one or more libraries have yet to receive the new title, the holdings statement will read "awaiting receipt of first issue," and the status will be "In Library." A note to remove the above statement will be added to the extended info in the serials control record.

During the discussion, it was emphasized that submission of title changes to Serials Cataloging should have high priority and that the 866 notes must be deleted. Serials Cataloging has agreed to make title changes for active titles "Priority 2" items.

A decision on how to submit "title changes" when the format rather than the title proper has changed was postponed until further review by the group in conjunction with Rebecca Martinez.

2. Issues to resolve for Accompanying Material JM

A) determining if something qualifies for accompanying material treatment

After some discussion of problems encountered at the units accompanying material treatment not noted, standard not followed it was decided that Gracemary, Mary Beth Weber and a representative from Acquisitions will meet and determine where decisions are made as to what constitutes accompanying material and develop guidelines including what type of communication needs to take place when consultation is required for unusual materials. Further discussion of this topic was postponed to the next meeting.

B) if material is missing that is in the item description postponed

3. Procedures and policies for "holdings work" MT

It was recommended that the Holdings Focus Group in consultation with Sharon and Virg develop a composite document on procedures for adds of various types (gifts, replacement copies, 2nd copies) that reflects the document for gift adds developed by Sharon and the Holdings Focus Group document. The document should also include contacts for problem resolution.

4. Gift processing procedures MT (postponed)

The group agreed that the first agenda item for next month will be a comprehensive discussion of accompanying material guidelines, responsibilities, procedures, missing items, etc. The second agenda item will be a review of procedures for adds and withdrawals.


Procedures and documentation should be distributed on the Friday preceding the next meeting

Minutes to be by mid-month of the meeting

Standards adopted for title change notes for old title and new title

Title changes for active titles will be treated as Priority 2 by Serials Cataloging


Subgroup on title changes will meet with Rebecca M. to finalize procedures for title changes that are in reality format changes. Decision will be distributed via email.

GMS will meet with Mary Beth Weber and a representative from Acquisitions to develop guidelines, etc. for accompanying materials.

Holdings Focus Group will meet with Sharon and Virg to develop composite documentation for adds.

Next meeting: July 5, 2006; TSB Conference room: 10:00 a.m.
Next recorder: Andy Martinez, backup recorder: Rebecca Martinez

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/ts-core/minutes/holdings_wg_06-06-07.shtml
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