Minutes for November 6, 2006 meeting

Ian Bogus, Susan Brower (guest), Paul Cabelli, Ellen Calhoun, Salvatore Cardinale, Fatima Cunha (Teleconference), Judy Gardner (guest), Elizabeth Leister, Yuhwei Ling, Jean Madden, Jamie Maguire, Andy Martinez, Rebecca Martinez, Gracemary Smulewitz (chair), Christopher Sterback, Melody Tomaszewicz (recorder)
Faye Austin


  1. Long overdue material - a workflow
  2. Patron replacements of missing titles - (Lost and Replaced) - criteria and workflow
  3. The use of LOCALMAINT
  4. Continued discussion on Adds

Meeting Minutes

  1. Judy Gardner outlined the long overdue/replaced process that is posted on the Access Services website. There are several changes to the old policy.
    • Patron will be automatically billed for the average price of a book plus a processing charge, but staff may change the amount to the actual cost of a book that is in print, plus the processing charge. Money goes into a general book fund that the selectors can use to purchase books.
    • Staff may accept a replacement book and just charge for processing provided it is an exact match or later edition. We will accept paperback books without a binding fee, since we are no longer binding all paperbacks.
    • The books MUST be new. Used books are not accepted.
    • The processing fee will be $20.00 if the patron supplies a book. The fee will be $42.00 if we have to order the book.
    • Any credit card charge will be for the average price of a book.
    • Replacement books will be given to DTS with a screen print inserted. DTS will then add the book or send it to Gift/Unit Receipts for cataloging if it is not in the system.
    • Books can be paid for at any library. Replacement copies will go to the nearest DTS hub. Lost copy should be charged to LOST/REPL user. Access Services staff will continue to look for it.
    • Refunds are given for Lost-paid items returned by patrons within six months. Patron must provide their receipt.
    • Bindery/Damaged fee will be applied to books that need repair ($8.50 for books, $40.00 for scores). If the material cannot be fixed, the patron will be charged for a full replacement.
    • Books with accompanying material must be returned with all pieces. If any are missing, the patron will be charged for a full replacement.
    • EZ borrow and ILL are covered by replacement policy, but will only accept payment for the average price of a book.
    • Judy will update the documents with any further changes from the Billing committee meeting.
  2. Long overdue
    • More than 2 years overdue, the copy will be WD, and a note is put into the patron's record. The bib record may still be there if there are other copies in the system.
    • Items charged to missing more than 2 years are also WD.
    • Items never cataloged but checked out and when discharged are item not found. Most have been out for a long time (lost-assumed).
    • Items will be put aside for the billing staff, and they will search to see if the item is in a patron record. Then they print out what they find and pass it on to DTS staff, and delete the note from the patron record.
    • If the item is paid for, Access Services staff takes the money. DTS performs a search to see if the bib record is still in IRIS.
    • The selector is contacted to see if the material should be replaced, or if the monies received should go to another use. Selectors get the missing and long overdue reports so they can decide whether or not to reorder material.
    • Access services will give refunds up to 6 months if the book is found, except in the case where the book has been removed from IRIS.
    • Created to replace TECHSR as a home location so the material will be routed to the local DTS or TS hub.
    • Once LOCALMAINT is established, TECHSR is to be used only for circ on the fly. Any book returned that has not been fully cataloged during its checkout time should have its home location changed to LOCALMAINT sent to DTS. Access Services should not send anything directly to CTS. These books should be sent to DTS for forwarding to DBM/TAS.
    • For books missing during the LSM weeding process, LOCALMAINT will be used as the home location, and the staff note will be entered giving instructions.
    • CS relabels are charged to CS-USERS. 1 new status....2 new patrons. Patrons are for binding and preservation. Holds and recalls can be placed on these patrons.
    • A focus group in DTS will meet to discuss the CS-ALEX and CS-LSM patrons and will evaluate the use. .
  4. Adds Discussion
    • A group will meet about adds that will include members of the cataloging department.
    • MRQ records should not be used for adds. These records will have a 035 of MRQ#########, and a date cataloged of NEVER. The only exception to this is the inventory being done in the Newark Dana library. These records will then have a 500 note of NWKINV added to expedite full cataloging.
    • Many vendor-supplied records (e.g. Ebsco) should not be added to. Send the material to Cataloging so the bibliographic record can be updated to a regular record. (SERSOL, EEBO, EVANS digital library, BLACK DRAMA, NET LIBRARY). Elizabeth will provide a list of vendor records that can be added to.


  1. Elizabeth will look into the possibility of MARC holdings for online resources and electronic access. May be a part of the ERM development
  2. LOCALMAINT-AM will create a report of all things that are TECHSR so we can switch the LSMWEED books over to LOCALMAINT. LOCALMAINT also needs to be documented and the rules for using it delineated.
  3. Melody will work with Yasu Denda to index the 852 document and have it posted to TSCWG-Holdings and HRMT pages.

Next meeting: December 6, 2006: Technical Services Conference Room Time: 10:00 AM
Next recorder: Ian Bogus
Back up recorder: Paul Cabelli

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