Minutes for March 7, 2007 meeting

Fay Austin, Iliana Bernal, Fatima Cunha, Salvatore Cardinale, Mellissa Defino, Elizabeth Leister, Yuhwei Ling, Jean Madden, Andy Martinez, Rebecca Martinez, Jamie McGuire, Chris Sterback, Melody Tomaszewicz, Gracemary Smulewitz, Steve Zahorbenski
Paul Cabelli, Ellen Calhoun


  1. Discussion of TSCWG's role related to the Strategic plan.
  2. Report on LSM Weeding project - MT, AM
    Other possible projects and workflows.
  3. Serials Inventory - where do we stand?
  4. Other agenda items.

Meeting Minutes

Meeting did not follow agenda's chronology.

1. Discussion of TSCWG's role related to the Strategic plan.

The group was asked to read the Strategic plan to discuss next month how the strategic plan will impact TSCWG-holdings as a working group of Technical Services Council.

2. Report on LSM Weeding project - MT, AM

The goal of weeding 35,000 books at LSM has been achieved. The project will continue at a slower pace, about 500 books a month.

There have been discussions about weeding the Alexander collection. Alexander has a much larger collection than LSM, and prior to planning the project; there is going to be an assessment of some of the present processes and acknowledgement of staffing shortages prior to committing to the project.

3. Serials Inventory - where do we stand?

The reports used for Phase II are somewhat dated but it is difficult to recreate them since so much inventory work has been completed to date. The criteria for the reports were titles that were ceased and had 930s. These reports do not include cancelled titles that have not been inventoried prior to 2001 when MARC holdings for serials was implemented. Once Phase II lists are completed, revised criteria will be used to capture the remaining titles and the cleanup will be Phase III

4. Work with Cataloging


  1. Read the Strategic plan and ready for discussion.
  2. The Holdings Focus Group will meet to determine a workflow for the lost/long overdue material.
  3. Gracemary will be meeting some of the Special Collections staff to determine an approach to a serials inventory project.

Next meeting: April 4, 2007: Technical Services Conference Room Time: 10:00 AM
Next recorder: Ellen Calhoun
Back up recorder: Mellissa Defino

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