Minutes for July 9, 2007 meeting

Fay Austin, Paul Cabelli, Ellen Calhoun, Sal Cardinale, Elizabeth Leister (recorder), Yuhwei Ling, Jean Madden, Jamie Maguire, Andy Martinez, Rebecca Martinez, Gracemary Smulewitz, Chris Sterback; via videoconference: Iliana Bernal, Fatima Cunha, Andrea Lakios.
Melody Tomaszewicz


  1. Report from ISAWG (GS, CS)
  2. Virtual bookplates (JM)
  3. Call number discrepancies (RM, PC)
  4. Our goals - progress so far (GS)

Minutes from the June meeting were approved.

Meeting Minutes

1. Report from ISAWG

Gracemary provided background on ISAWG's principal charge: collection control issues, both of the physical collection and records in IRIS. ISAWG's role is to incorporate new technology into collection management processes. Among these processes are weeding, inventory, recon, batch withdrawals, and batch transfers. ISAWG has also been charged with developing metrics to track the progress of newly acquired materials from the point of order to placement on the shelf. As this latter process unfolds, representatives from the departments involved will meet to discuss the relevant issues and report back to TSCWG. The group consists of 2 representatives from Access Services, and 1 each from Cataloging, Systems and DTS.

ISAWG's responsibilities have significant overlap with TSCWG's functions and help to support TSCWG's goals.

2. Virtual bookplates

As some virtual bookplates are now coming through DTS, the question arose as to how these bookplates should be added. Cataloging is adding them in a 590 note. If DTS will be adding this field, training will be required. Of particular concern are adds, when the bookplate refers to only specific copies on a record. Options include adding this information to MARC holdings (not indexed therefore difficult to retrieve for statistical purposes), to an item public note (also used for accompanying materials), or continue to add a 590 note (how to reflect copy specific or library specific information?). Jamie and Gracemary will do mock-ups in the test catalog and Mary Beth Weber, Sharon Favaro, Fay and Elizabeth will be asked to review the records. Fay and Elizabeth will also present this problem to the Cataloging and Metadata Services Dept.

3. Call number discrepancies

This question arose because DANA had received items that had a different call number from another item on the same record. GOBI does not always use the same call as LC. Gracemary, Chris, Elizabeth, Fay and Rebecca will review the problem records and try to determine how this discrepancy occurred. The books will be sent to Fay.

Current cataloging policy discourages different call numbers for different libraries. Titles that have historically had different call numbers for different libraries should have this practice documented in 928 notes.

4. Progress on goals

Goals will be sent to Grace who will send them to Jean Boyle for the strategic plan.


Jessica Cintron is leaving Robeson Library. Melinda Aviles will be handling federal documents and doing receiving and invoicing.


Mock-ups of various options for virtual bookplates (GMS, JM)
Review mock-ups (EL, FA with Mary Beth and Sharon)
Analysis of call number discrepancies (GMS, CS, EL, FA, RM)

Next meeting: Sept. 5th at 10:00 in the Pane Room at ALEX.
Primary topics, use of shadowing and in-process. (Members should talk with their departments to determine how these are currently being used)
Next recorder: Jamie Maguire (backup: Andy Martinez)

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