Minutes for October 3, 2007 meeting

Fay Austin, Iliana Bernal, Paul Cabelli, Ellen Calhoun, Fatima Cunha, Janet Howard, Elizabeth Leister, Yuhwei Ling, Jean Madden, Jamie Maguire (recorder), Andy Martinez, Rebecca Martinez, Gracemary Smulewitz (Coordinator), Chris Sterback, Melody Tomaszewicz, Steve Zahorbenski


  1. DTS report: Goals for 2008 - GS
  2. Shadowed records everyone
  3. In-process status everyone


In light of some further concerns expressed by Access Services staff the process for long overdue items has not been finalized. The process will need to be re-visited in the future.

The group approved the September 2007 meeting minutes


A handout was distributed listing the major goals for Distributed Technical Services for 2008. Listed below are the major goals and concerns:

Performing serials inventory and receiving for Special Collections:

Serials inventory work is in the planning stages for Special Collections. As a result of a preliminary evaluation, problems involving how to accurately display holdings for a complex collection have been uncovered. These problems need to be discussed in further detail at other forums for resolution. Once standards/guidelines for holdings management are in place DTS will start with active Special Collection subscriptions. As serials inventory is performed, cataloging issues will be uncovered and DTS will work with Speciall Collections and Serials Cataloging to resolve these issues.

Evaluation and management of serials holdings/acquisitions for the Institute of Jazz Studies:

There is a concern about displaying serials holdings for the Jazz Institute and how an inventory would be conducted. Discussions will take place with the Jazz Institute Librarian and staff to decide on an approach. Analysis of serials subscription payment and funds has begun. Receiving and Order records are being updated as the analysis continues.

Incorporating all EAL technical services operations as routine DTS responsibilities:

With the help of DTS staff , the Preservation Lab has been moved to the former EAL Technical Services office and the EAL material has been moved to DTS. Students continue to search EAL material to determine duplications and additions. EAL serial receiving has been mainstreamed in DTS. Now that an East Asian Librarian has been hired, frequent consultations will be in order to move forward with collection analysis.

Alexander Weeding project:

This project will require lots of planning and will effect many departments. It was decided that a preliminary planning committee will meet in January to begin the process. Several members expressed the hope that weeding be conducted in all call number ranges rather then just one area so that a major shift can take place following completion of the project.

Shadowed records

A very large number of shadowed records was discovered in IRIS through a report by Collection Management (over 20,000 items or titles). The problem is being investigated. Plans for record correction on these records have not yet been implemented . Shadowed records prohibit the user from accessing material in IRIS, therefore policies should be established for the use of the shadow function. Issues such as what should be shadowed and who should be shadowing records and at what level (title, call number, item) should be determined and documented.

It was decided that each department should meet with their respective members to identify areas/activities involving shadowing. and review their default property settings in Workflows to prevent accidental shadowing. Yuhwei Ling and Jamie Maguire volunteered to review property settings and distribute a document that lists which functions/wizards have shadow properties. The document will include recommended setting for these properties.

In depth discussion for Shadowed records will be continued at the next meeting as well as the status of In-process.


Identify where and why shadowing activities are taking place. (ALL)

Create document-identifying wizards that involve shadow properties and settings. (JM & YL)

Next Meeting

Wednesday, November 7, 2007
10:00am 12:00pm
Conference Room, TSB, Busch Campus
Next recorder: Rebecca Martinez

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