Minutes for February 4, 2009 meeting

Iliana Bernal (via video), Paul Cabelli, Ellen Calhoun, Yuhwei Ling, Jamie Maguire, Andy Martinez, Rebecca Martinez, Gracemary Smulewitz (Chair), Chris Sterback, Steve Zahorbinski. Fay Austin, Recorder.


  1. Superseded editions - PC, YL.
  2. Report on the use of recall for non-circulating books that have circulated- AM
  3. Review of the following projects: Business transfer; Alex. Reference transfer; Alex weeding; Palinet digitization.
  4. Other business

1. Superseded editions

Yuhwei distributed copies of the current Superseded Titles Workflow for journals. While the workflow was generally acceptable there was a lengthy discussion about the holdings note that should be displayed for patrons. The concern was that "current edition" in the holdings note would be misleading for libraries that actually have the superseded edition. It was finally decided that the current "published" edition will be the only copy annotated to indicate that it was the most recent edition received by RUL. Since all superseded items must be returned to the hubs (Alex and LSM) the staff there will insert a processing slip with specific handling instructions for the receiving library.

Action required: The 852 document will be reviewed and updated by Yuhwei, Rebecca and Gracemary.

2. Use of the recall function

Andy reported that the Circulation staff has no way of recalling an item that has been charged out. This discussion was prompted by a recent faculty request to recall an item that should have been slated for in library use only. After some discussion, it was agreed that DTS will continue to handle all faculty inquiries and will advise faculty on the best course of action for such requests.

Action required: None.

3. Projects review

The critical lack of space has prompted a review of the collections at Alex. The Alex reference collection, the business collection at Alex and some collections at Douglas will be weeded simultaneously. This is expected to begin soon. It is expected that large runs of materials will be transferred to the annex.

a. Business collection transfer.

Gracemary reported that the majority of titles in the collection will be withdrawn and those that are still important will go to Kilmer. However, business titles that relate to world history or American history will be retained at Alex. Concurrently, the entire media collection is expected to be transferred from Kilmer to Douglas.

b. Alex Reference weeding project: large runs will be transferred to the Annex. Some titles will be batch transferred by Systems largely from the sections A and Z.

c. Palinet digitization. Gracemary reported that RUL had already paid Palinet ten thousand dollars for a digitization project and that a ten title pilot project will begin soon. It is expected that RUL material will be selected based on criteria that is expected to include pre-1925 imprints that are out of copyright (ie. In the public domain). Jane Otto and Gracemary are in the preliminary stages of working drafting criteria and a workflow.

4. Other business

a. Andy reported on some projects being undertaken by the Circulation dept. One of the projects is the reconciliation of accompanying material with the appropriate item it belongs to. A pilot project is underway at the Map library. It is expected that this project will sometimes result in the withdrawal of both the accompanying item and the main item; especially when there are formats such as VHS and floppies since these formats are outdated and/or not particularly useful. In cases where both the main item and its accompanying piece have been re-united and are still relevant and acceptable for the collection, the holdings data will be updated to reflect the changes in location. This is a large- scale project intended to shelve related material that's been published as accompanying material (cataloged on the same record) together as intended by the publisher. A pilot project of 20 titles is currently underway.

Action required: Andy will send criteria to Chris. No involvement of cataloging department anticipated.

b. Andy also reported on the reconciliation of the Alex recon project. During the recon project approx 100,000 titles were added to the catalog with auto-generated barcodes based on information from the shelflist. This project will aim to replace the auto-generated barcodes with the actual barcode. DTS will search for any titles and or copies that cannot be found.

Next meeting: March 3rd at 10.00am at LSM Spec. Collections Rm.

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