Minutes for October 12, 2011 meeting

I. Bernal, remote; P. Cabelli; E. Calhoun; E. Leister; J. Maguire; T. MacNally, remote; G. Smulewitz, recorder; C. Sterback; E. Suarez; M. Tomaszewicz; R. Wells
F. Austin; R. Martinez


The agenda was reviewed and accepted via email with no comments or changes.

Introductions – new members

Rita Wells, Receiving and Order Coordinator in DTS, and Edward Suarez , Collection Management Coordinator in Access Services, were introduced.

Consolidation of print serials and indexes

The group agreed that a committee be reintroduced representing the various functions required to perform weeding and consolidation projects.

The members are now:

The main contacts for the committee and for the projects will be Jamie Maguire as the Project Coordinator and Eddie Suarez as the Collections Management Coordinator.

The committee will

Other issues related to weeding

Smulewitz will notify LRC of the role of the committee and what the committee hopes to implement.

TSCWG members reviewed the new Consolidation and Retention Policy for Print Indexes and Abstracts. In particular, the section below that is related to supplementary material was discussed. Members agreed that the selectors would be responsible for listing related supplementary materials in their weeding decisions and not relying on those who perform the record updates to know which materials are supplementary.

Complete runs would be understood to include all necessary supplementary materials that complement the printed index. Some examples of these supplementary print materials would be index guides, thesauri, separate author indexes, journal coverage lists, 5 or 10 year cumulative author/subject indexes, and/or abridged partner indexes.

VI. Preliminary review of the charge from the VALE OLE Implementation Team

TSCWG members conducted a preliminary review of the charge from the VALE OLE Implementation Team (VOIT) to the VALE Cooperative Collection Management (VCCM) and discussed how it relates to the work that members of TSCWG perform. The first phase of the charge is to remove items from participating libraries’ catalogs that reflect lost, missing or long overdue material in order to promote seamless and transparent lending . As VCCM provides more information, TSCWG members will prepare to carry out their responsibilities.

VII. Staff from DTS described projects being worked on that that have a system-wide impact.

The last two agenda items were held for the next TSCWG meeting.

Dates for the quarterly meetings will be on the 2nd Thursday of the month.

Next meeting will be January 12th;
Next recorder: F. Austin, I. Bernal, P Cabelli……
Subsequent meetings: April 12th, July 12th

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