Title Changes in RUL: Basic Workflow

Note: for items received through the Federal Depository program, follow established MARCIVE procedures

When a title change is recognized,

  1. Brief record is created in IRIS for the new title.
  2. Serial Control records linked to the brief record are created for all library units that currently subscribe to the title.
  3. Order records are transferred from the old title to the new title.
  4. Issues being sent to Serials Cataloging are indicated by 'Sent to Cataloging ' notes in the MARC Holdings 866 tags of the old title and new title records. Any bound volume being sent to cataloging also has its Current Location changed to 'IN-PROCESS'.
  5. A Serials Cataloging Worksheet, listing all precat and post cat processes specific to this title change, is filed in the department.
  6. Title change information is added to the Bib/Cat Excel Database located on the Alex T:drive.
  7. A precataloging package is prepared for Serials Cataloging. This includes a Serials Processing Form, any necessary bibliographic utility printouts, and the last issue of the old title and the first issue of the new title.
  8. Serials Cataloging updates IRIS records and sends material back to the department for standard postcat processes.

Addendum: Title Changes Initiated in Serials Cataloging

These generally fall into two types:

  1. Changes discovered in cataloging a back run of a serial - the back run may be discovered when cataloging an online journal package.
  2. Changes discovered when a new, separately ordered, item is received in Acquisitions and is determined to be a serial title change. This latter type is generally brought to Serials Cataloging from Monographs Cataloging.

Cataloging Workflow

  1. OT title is closed bibliographically.
  2. NT is created; item created for item in hand.
  3. Copies of OT and NT records sent to all Bib/Cat staff owning the OT with instructions to close MARC holdings and remove controls on OT; add MARC holdings, control, and items, if applicable, to NT; transfer order if necessary.

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