EBSCOLOAD Record Guidelines


RUL subscribes to many electronic journals through the vendor EBSCO. Every month Systems loads these online-only records into IRIS as a set. When EBSCO adds a title, they add a bibliographic record to their load set. When EBSCO deletes a title, they delete the bibliographic record from their set. By loading the entire set fresh every month, Rutgers can avoid excessive time maintaining these numerous titles on IRIS. This monthly loading of records, however, creates unique problems which are discussed below:

1. EBSCO records can be uniquely identified by any of three ways:

In addition, the record should only have an RU-ONLINE item attached.

2. **Since the EBSCO records are transitory in nature and individual titles may appear and disappear every month, NOTHING should be added to them:
NO serial controls, NO purchase order records, NO items, and NO MARC holdings.

3. When the EBSCO records are loaded into IRIS, the EBSCO records attempt to link/match to any existing IRIS records via the ISSN:

a. If there is no ISSN on the EBSCO record or the IRIS record, or if the ISSN on the EBSCO record doesn't match the ISSN on the IRIS record, then the EBSCO record gets loaded as a separate record into IRIS.

[**Note: In order to reduce this undesirable outcome, Coll. Services staff should inform Bib/Cat staff - who in turn will notify Serials Cataloging - whenever we come across the following situation: an IRIS record w/o an ISSN & an EBCOLOAD online record with an ISSN for the same title.**]

b. If the ISSN on the EBSCO record does match the ISSN on the IRIS record, then only the EBSCO URL gets loaded into an 856 tag on the existing IRIS record, which is the desired outcome.

4. Special Cataloging Situation One: Bib/Cat staff routinely informs Serials Cataloging of a record merge when we come across two IRIS records for the same title that are cataloged to two different formats - ex. paper and film, paper and online. However, we do NOT have to inform Serials Cataloging of a record merge when we come across an IRIS record and an EBSCOLOAD online record for the same title (unless there is an ISSN problem - see 3a above).

5. Special Cataloging Situation Two: Bib/Cat staff routinely add serial controls and print holdings to an online-only record, and then inform Serials Cataloging to update the online record to reflect the print version. However, since we are NOT ALLOWED to add print holdings (nor anything else) to an EBSCOLOAD online record, we will instead create a brief serial record for the print issues, attach our purchase orders, controls and holdings to it, and then send the record to Serials Cataloging for full-cataloging treatment.

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