Minutes of February 3, 2000 Meeting

K-N Au; J. Boyle; H. Dess; T. Haynes; H. Hemmasi, A. King; R. Marker; A. Montanaro, recorder; L. Sak; R. Sewell; G.Smulewitz for M. Page.
  1. Report from the Acting AUL/TAS.
    • The Libraries have received Capital Funds - $8.5m for RUL, $7.8m for Camden, and $3.28 for Newark.
    • Two new groups have been formed that will report to TSC - Government Publications Group and Serials Management Group. Both will have system-wide representation.
    • The LIS Committee will host a visit from MIT on March 9. They are evaluating Sirsi.
    • Bob Terrio has been hired as Networked Resources Associate, a staff position reporting to the AUL/TAS.
    • A search committee has been formed for the head of Acquisitions. The members are: Joe Consoli (chair), Veronica Calderhead, Ellen Gilbert, Rhonda Marker, and Ann Montanaro. The closing is February 28. Harriette sent letters announcing the position to Charleston Conference attendees.
    • The Libraries have purchased access to Early English Books Online (EEBO). The database has 96,000 titles and cataloging records are available for an additional $40,000. The microform set is in the Alexander Library but has never been cataloged. TSC discussed whether or not purchasing the cataloging would be an appropriate use of that amount of money. A number of issues were raised: (1) it is impossible to create or download catalog records for that price; (2) the catalog records were originally created for the microform set but have an 856 tag linking the user to the individual online text; (3) this is a static, comprehensive resource; (4) even though recon has been mentioned as a priority for TAS, should opportunity supercede planning in this case? (5) currently, it is impossible for users to identify individual titles without access to the paper guide; (6) the paper guides are hard to use and only available at Alex.
    • Alternatives to purchasing the EEBO catalog records were suggested: (1) a title list could be produced for a web page listing the 96,000 titles; however, it was pointed out that unlike journal titles, users do not know these books exist and they might not search for them by title on such a list; (2) create a title list and link it to the catalog record as a "finding aid," as we've done for some materials in Special Collections (NJ cookbooks, etc.) Hemmasi will have discussion at Cabinet re the pros and cons of purchasing EEBO records; a final decision will be based on recommendation from Cabinet.
      --for more on this topic, see #6, below--
    • No additional links will be added to the Dow Jones record. WAC is working on a list of full text titles.
  2. Acquisitions Update.
    • Non-priority orders are up-to-date. New Brunswick fund allocations are now in Sirsi but all orders for New Brunswick state fund are being held until a review of funds has been completed. Due to the IRIS downtime, approvals are about 5 weeks behind in receipt; they are typically 3-4 weeks behind.
  3. Cataloging.
    • Rhonda reported that Unicorn software changes have temporarily slowed work in Cataloging. Authority control implementation is on hold while Systems is reviewing options for how to avoid extensive downtime during next implementation.
    • The copy cataloging backlog date is December 8.
    • Harriette will present Acquisitions and Cataloging statistics at the March meeting.
  4. Systems.
    • Ann distributed a list of problems resulting from the Unicorn upgrade. They are available through the staff news and at:
    • The list includes problems still outstanding as well as problems which have been resolved. Systems is investigating alternative ways of loading the authority files, reloading and reindexing the bibliographic database, and possibly using a mirrored system in the future.
  5. During the time the catalog was unavailable, the staff in Technical Services sorted the shelf list cards. Manual and machine cards had previously been interfiled. Now they are in separate runs and it will be easier to project recon requirements and proceed with recon efforts.
  6. The Council discussed project priorities if funding were available. The Council gave highest priority to the purchase of a server to have a mirrored Unicorn database to facilitate upgrades and changes, the second priority was for funding recon efforts, and the third was for purchasing EEBO records.
  7. Gift workflow. Rhonda reviewed the procedure for sending gifts for cataloging. Such a large number of gifts are being received that one copy cataloger has been assigned to work on them full-time. All gifts should be searched locally and copies added at the unit when possible. Everything sent to Cataloging will eventually be added to the collection.
  8. Proposal to Improve Delivery Time and Fill Rate of ILL. Jeanne presented a proposal prepared by Judy Gardner to purchase current imprint monographs to fill ILL requests. The Cabinet approved the proposal and the trial will begin soon. All requests will be treated as priorities.
  9. TSC goal 5 - "Pursue Digitization Projects - consider cataloging existing projects at RU" was discussed. There was agreement that cataloging should be completed for all digital projects identified for ARL. Harriette will ask the library faculty to identify digital projects at RU that would be candidates to include in an online inventory of RU digital projects; some of these titles might also be considered for cataloging.

The next meeting will be held on March 2, 2000.

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