Minutes of May 4, 2000 Meeting

Au, Ka-Neng, J. Boyle, E. Calhoun, M. Chumer, H. Dess, T. Haynes, H. Hemmasi, A. King, L. Langshied, R. Marker, M. Page, L. Sak (recorder), R. Sewell.


H. Hemmasi reported on the reorganization of work assignments for Copy Cataloging and Acquisitions. Copy cataloging staff have been reassigned to the Acquisitions Department, to Data Base Management and to Adaptive Cataloging Sections.

As a result of the merged workflow, pre-order searching will accompany ordering and review of LC catalog records will be done at the point of receiving. We anticipate that the overall workflow will become more efficient and effective. The changes also allow for greater flexibility in shifting staff between cataloging, ordering, and receiving.

Hemmasi announced that RUL will purchase cataloging records for the 96,000 EEBO (Early English Books Online) titles. B. Sewell indicated that expenditures will come from non-state fund for the humanities.

A lengthy discussion about gifts and direct receipts resulted in the agreement that all materials should be sent to the Cataloging Department as PTY 1, PTY 2, PTY 0 or NO PTY. The new category, NO PRIORITY, was established for materials that are below PRIORITY 0, i.e., that do not need to be prioritized.

M. Chumer will be Dana Library's representative to TSC. The group thanked Au for his interim representation on behalf of Dana.

E. Calhoun represented the Government Publication Committee in lieu of Wen-Hua Ren, chair of the GPC. Ellen reported on the group's April meeting. They discussed a possible forum on electronic journals, GPO tapeloads and a need for some new sublocations (e.g. DOCFOLIO). Minutes will be distributed by email or posted on the TSC web pages.


A. Montanaro was absent due to her attendance at the SiteSearch Conference at OCLC with 2 other people from the Systems Department.

Systems is working with Media Services to implement the Unicorn bookings module.

A new server will be purchased soon for Unicorn software. The production system will be loaded on the new server. The test catalog will be loaded on the current production server. The test catalog will be maintained as a small subset of IRIS and when needed, the production system will be copied on the test server and presented in a static, read-only mode for the public's use.

Implementation of authority control is dependent on configuration of the new server and with resolving the duplicate flex key problems. Plans are underway for resolving this problem.


The search for the Head of Acquisitions is on-going and candidates will soon be selected for the interview process.

Current orders on non-state funds are dated 4/3/00. All state funds have been expended.

Acquisitions will begin using Barnes and Noble's online service/inventory for ordering RUSH and ILL orders. There is a backlog of the material waiting to be labeling. Once the "home location" in IRIS is changed, Systems can implement the software that allows for automatic preparation of spine labels. This change is scheduled for mid- to late-June.


Copy Cataloging backlog's date is April 14th, Adaptive Cataloging date is October 1999 and the titles needing the original cataloging have to wait approximately 1 year.

We are working on the new presentation of the cataloging statistics because we know that the "timeliness" is very important to our constituencies.

Serials Cataloging Section and the Data Base Management are currently working on a project to add ISSNs to approximately 1000 serial titles. This project is in support of the UNCOVER document delivery services to supply articles to faculty and graduate students.

The Cataloging Department starting to introduce the concept of team cataloging and hope to see some improvement in dealing with the adaptive cataloging backlog.

Series and Authority work has not changed but will experience significant changes with the implementation of authority control in IRIS.


H. Hemmasi asked the Systems Department to generate a list of total # of items with the status IN-PROCESS and at least one circulation. The list was distributed to the members of TSC and to Judy Gardner. Representatives from Dana, Robeson, LSM, Sp. Collections, Alexander and TSB asked for a title list of these items.

The standard procedure is for Technical Services staff to change the status from IN-PROCESS to IN-LIBRARY for PTY 1 and 2 items. The status for all other items must changed in the libraries. The status IN-PROCESS is changed to IN-LIBRARY by Access Services in New Brunswick; other libraries change the status in their Technical Services units.

M. Page suggested that we should use MACROs or work with Sirsi to provide an automatic change of status.


930 clean-up project list was distributed to the members of this body. The list consists of 3 columns. We will work only on the column no. 3 - covers non-shadowed bibliographic records where there is a serial control record attached for a library, but without corresponding 930 tag, by library. New Brunswick libraries will do their own clean-up. Dana Library already marked their list and submitted it to Database Management for inputting of data. H. Hemmasi offered help to units which may have time to mark their lists but not do the data entry. Hemmasi will ask Systems to compile the list again, using the same criteria in column 3.


H. Dess, as TSC's representative in the Coordinating Committee, asked about the status of recon. A discussion ensued about how to better document the need for recon and make it more attractive from the perspective of fund-raising. R. Marker suggested appointing a group to conceptualize what it means to do recon, and include a cost benefit statement, etc. Even though a workplan for recon has been prepared, we need to provide more conceptualization and demonstrate the cost if we do not work on recon. The AULs decided to work on this project. Hemmasi subsequently drafted and distributed a statement regarding recon; she sent a copy to Marianne for her use in budget discussions with Dr. Seneca.


H. Hemmasi had previously asked RUL to help identify digital projects at RU so that eventually a comprehensive web page could be developed and the sites cataloged, as appropriate. Hemmasi indicated that the responses had been very limited but will bring the list to the next TSC meeting.


At the last CDC meeting there was discussion about the complexity of searching serials in IRIS. Hemmasi suggested that this would be a good topic for a cross-Council meeting. TSC suggested that this topic would have broad interest and that a forum in the fall, 2000, should be developed.

Elsevier has offered online access to the most recent 9 months of our print subscriptions. However, since Elsevier requires that we maintain all print subscriptions in order for us to gain online access and because they require Rutgers to sign separate contracts for each campus, RUL has refused to agree to these stipulations. TAS will remove all links to Elsevier titles.


M. Page reported that the Serials Management Group met once, is working on the goals to be submitted to TS Council. Minutes of the meetings will be posted on the web.


Reported that the Preservation Planning Task Force report is due at the end of June. He is working on a budget plan for collections for Marianne's meeting with Dr. Seneca on May 15. He also reported on the CDC presentation about the core serials lists.

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