Minutes of July 5, 2000 Meeting

Ka-Neng Au, Jeanne Boyle (recorder), Ellen Calhoun, Theo Haynes, Harriette Hemmasi (chair), Al King, Rhonda Marker, Ann Montanaro, Mary Page, Lida Sak
Mike Chumer, Howard Dess, Linda Langschied, Bob Sewell

1. Reports

Acting AUL/TAS (Harriette Hemmasi)

The annual report is due the end of July. Harriette will send out an overview for TAS for comments, and goal setting will take place at the next council meting. A decision will be made soon on the head of acquisitions position. Lida Sak will represent the Council at Coordinating Committee. Michael Joseph is the new representative from Special Collections/University Archives.

As of July 1, the criminal justice collection will become part of the Newark Law Library. Records without order records two years old or newer will be removed; records with order records will be shadowed. CRIMJ materials will remain available via ILL. Records where CRIMJ held the only copy in RLIN are now gone from NJRG and will eventually be loaded to NJRX. CRIMJ is being removed manually from records where other RUL locations are listed. Working lists are available on Systems Web pages.

Acquisitions (Harriette Hemmasi)

Orders are being held for the fiscal year roll over. Mary Page will send to Harriette and Ann Montanaro the message about large serial encumbrances that she sent to Bob Sewell. Harriette described steps being taken to catch up with end processing, which is about two weeks behind.

Cataloging (Rhonda Marker)

Cataloging output is up, recon is proceeding by adding volumes and copies from the Alex shelflist, and the new item backlog is at June 7.

Systems (Ann Montanaro)

Summer projects include: testing Windows 2000, looking at a Novell upgrade needed for RUNet 2000, installing new PCs for a grant for users with sight impairments, the roll over, remote access to Ovid databases, and new servers for payroll and production.

2. TECHSR Checkout Location for Book Waiting for Recats, Etc. (Rhonda Marker)

A discussion document was distributed. Rhonda will coordinate a questionnaire to determine current use across the system of TECHSR, In Process, In Library, or equivalent.

3. Instructions for Labeling and Shipping of Unit Receipts and Gifts (Rhonda Marker)

After a long discussion, a process for searching gifts was outlined:

Harriette proposed following this process for one year, tracking costs and needs (staff, shelving), and then asking for more money.

Harriette will discuss the proposal Collection Development Council and then Rhonda will send the information out.

4. Library Designators in Webcat and Spine Labels (Jeanne Boyle)

A chart showing the results of public services discussions about library designators in IRIS and for spine labels was shared. Mary Page will share the information with New Brunswick libraries, and Au will share it with Jazz. Theo Haynes asked about the Wiggins collection.

5. Diacritics (Rhonda Marker)

Diacritics do not come over correctly when bringing records from LC through SmartPort. Rhonda will send a problem report to unit representatives, distribute an email announcement, and submit an article to the Agenda.

6. Updating Table of contents Notes as New volumes are Added (Rhonda Marker)

7. Hot Links that Provide Access to Back but not Current Issues (Harriette Hemmasi)

A printout of a Web page with the contents list for JAAS was distributed. We have access to only the table of contents for the current volume because we canceled our print subscription. The summary holdings statement for the print equivalent is closed in IRIS. There was a long discussion about holdings for e-journals, and a bigger discussion was recommended.

8. Update on Progress Toward Implementation of Authority Control (Ann Montanaro)

A server is available and will be used to reindex the production system in August. By changing flex keys in all records so each has a unique number, authority records will all match bibliographic records. January is the earliest authority control can b implemented. The static version of IRIS will be up. LIS recommended annual reindexing.

9. CD-ROMs

A document about cataloging and finding CD-ROMs was distributed for discussion at the next meeting.

10. Round Robin

Au He and Mike Chumer continue to share the Newark representation to the council.

Al King Work on the New Jersey historical Commission grant begins today

Ellen Calhoun The flood at LSM will probably not require much IRIS maintenance.

Lida Sak She learned at NASIG that Proquest is available directly to students for $20/semester, and that medical students want to click and go directly to articles.

Rhonda Marker The adaptive cataloging section has been renamed the Monographs Cataloging Section. Linda Turzynski is continuing for another three months as half time training coordinator.

Mary Page She also attended NASIG, where discussion maintained that users want direct access, one click, and seamless access.

The next meeting was scheduled for August 3 in Camden.

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