Minutes of May 11, 2001 Meeting

Gracemary Smulewitz, Mary Page, Samson Soong, Jeanne Boyle, Ann Montanaro, Erica Gorder, Linda Langschied, Rhonda Marker, Lida Sak, Theo Haynes, Wen Ren

I. Updates

A. Soong:

1. TSC members meetings with AUL Candidates:

2. Mike Chumer, Chair, Portal Committee (charged by TSC) submitted a report via e-mail. They are investigating five digital libraries and their metadata. They will report their progress/findings at the next meeting, May 22.

3. Marianne, Samson, Ryoko, Francoise met with developers of a new University Master Plan. Student growth is expected at approximately 5,000 (10%) in the next 5 years, and the Plan is intended to anticipate facilities needs to support the larger student population. We are working with the developers to assess the impact on libraries. Samson provided a background document showing a rate of increase in monographs and bound periodical volumes in the past decade. Other concerns are: floor space, public seating (and whether the seats have wired access), public workstations, electronic classrooms (both those run by the Library, and RUCS facilities within library buildings), and compact shelving.

B. Marker

1. Cataloging Department has received applications for all three of its open positions in the Database Management Section.

2. We are on track to implement authority control in August.

3. Year-end spending is bringing the usual high level of pressure to the department

4. Space is at a premium despite new shelving. The Diamond and East Asia collections, formerly housed in the Annex, are using considerable space.

C. Montanaro

1. Nick Gonzaga is the new System Administrator for library networks

2. There will be system downtime on IRIS on the 23rd and 24th of this month for loading the new Unicorn software

3. The TSB also confronts the problem of a space shortage – the Systems Dept. is continually growing, and taking up more of the facility's space.

M. Page

1. Acquisitions Department is in good shape for ordering. They have reduced last month's backlog.

2. The department is no longer prioritizing state/non-state ordering. It is already too late to get state orders in on time to pay this year, so all items are in a general queue.

3. Labeling is up-to-date

4. Electronic resources purchasing on year-end money:

II. Demo on MARC holdings format and possibilities for IRIS holdings Info (Smulewitz)

NB Libraries Collection Services has undertaken a pilot study to examine the impact of using MARC holdings format for periodical records in IRIS. The test involved 220 active periodical subscriptions. This includes 6 months of check-in records.

Results: The department's workflow was not much affected, and new system was fairly easy-to-use.

Issues were raised to the Public Services Council, e.g. if MARC were implemented, what would the fields be labeled? These and other considerations of the new display were then sent back to the IPAC (IRIS Public Access Committee) group.

Gracemary's demonstration illustrated the current displays for holdings of a variety of titles/formats, and the changes that would result in a MARC holdings display. The TSC recommended that the changes recommended by IPAC be implemented. The PSC expects IPAC to give its recommendations at the June meeting of the PSC. Campus demonstrations will be held in late summer/early fall to introduce the new displays to public services librarians and staff. Implementation planning will follow, with the earliest possible implementation date of January 2002.

III. Exploring desirability of having separate IRIS records for e-journals… (Marker)

The Council discussed the pros/cons of using local cataloging (current practice) vs loading of external-source records for our large e-journal packages. The discussion was precipitated by:

1. Changing from Proquest to Ebsco - and the impact of manually editing URLs in records for approximately 2,800 e-journal titles.

2. Questions raised about how packages like ACM Digital Library, which includes monograph materials e.g. conference proceedings, will be cataloged if records are purchased rather than created locally.

The Council discussed some of the issues involved with each approach, adding points to a list initially prepared by the Catalog Librarians. Rhonda will be available to attend both Public Services and Collection Development Councils to facilitate wider discussion.

IV. Reports on Sirsi UUGI Annual Conference – deferred until next meeting.

Recorder, L. Langschied

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