Minutes of August 2, 2001 Meeting

Jeanne Boyle; Mike Chumer; Theo Haynes; Michael Joseph; Rhonda Marker; Ann Montanaro, recorder; Mary Page; Lida Sak; Gracemary Smulewitz; Samson Soong, chair.
Ron Jantz, Hector Perez-Gilbe, Robert Sewell.

1. AUL Update.

Samson reported that the acquisitions rollover was completed successfully.

The libraries ELF proposals were approved. Purchases can begin after the NJ Educational Facilities sells the bonds to be used for the purchases.

Initial materials budget allocations were made by Bob Sewell and Nancy Hendrickson based on inflation and amount spent in previous years. Funds can be spent up to 110% of allocation. More work is needed in the allocation process for this to work successfully for both monographs and serials.

The Training Advisory Committee held its initial meeting with representatives from the three campuses and individuals interested in training. Faculty representation is needed on the committee.

The University of Phoenix is trying to set up a campus in Jersey City to offer degree programs. New Jersey City University has an agreement with them to provide library support.

2. Cataloging

Rhonda announced that Linda Turzynski is the new staff supervisor in Database Management creating a vacancy in Cataloging. Hala Issa from New Brunswick Access Services has filled an open position in Database Management.

Retrospective conversion efforts are now focused on work in the Douglass stack collection in specific call number ranges. The Catalog Department is training New Brunswick staff to do the recon work.

The collection level record for art auction catalogs is now available in IRIS and the holdings are being maintained by the Art Library. Cataloging is exploring other collections that could be managed by a collection level record.

3. Systems

Chris Sterback has filled the open position of Unicorn Systems Administrator. Downtime will begin on August 16 in order to begin authority processing. The read-only catalog will be available during the process.

4. Acquisitions

The department is about 7 weeks behind on processing new orders because of rollover and system downtime. The labeling of new books is up-to-date.

5. E-books Implementation

The netLibrary computer collection has been acquired. Sample records are in the test catalog and will soon be available in IRIS. Jeanne and Mary will work on a training schedule.

6. Authorities Implementation

LTI reprocessed all of the bibliographic records to update the authority headings. About 3% of the headings had changed in the 18 months since the records were first processed. A "gap" tape has been sent to LTI reflecting all of the records added and/or changed since the first tape and all records will be included when the files are loaded. Training sessions are being held. The read-only system will be available for the weeks while authority processing is going on.

7. Ebsco Academic Search Premier

Ebsco replaces ProQuest which will only be available through the end of October. The Ebsco bibliographic records will be loaded as separate records and will be replaced each month with new vendor records. The URLs for ProQuest will not be purged from IRIS until all of the Ebsco records are loaded.

8. Serial vendor transfer

Meetings are being held with serial vendors and the transfer will be completed by August 15.

9. Outstanding orders / Encumbrance management

Firm orders placed prior to January 1, 1999 that have not been received are being deleted by Acquisitions. Nancy Hendrickson, Mary, and Gracemary were asked to work with Technical Services Council and Collection Development Council to conduct a fund management review. Mary and Gracemary will draft a charge to the joint committee.

10. Goal setting

The following goals were drafted:

DLI Improving Access Goal / DLI Improving Service Goal:

  1. Implement authority control (Cataloging and Systems)
  2. Implement MARC holdings format (Serials and Systems)
  3. Implement ELF proposals (All)
  4. Review and modify existing principles and procedures for providing access to new electronic resources. (AULs)
  5. Actively participate in the development of new library digital library initiatives. (TSC)
  6. Identify effective ways to manage holdings information for e-journals and other e-resources (e.g. TDNet, Serials Solutions, MetaLib/SFX, etc.) (Serials)
  7. Monitor the implications of vendor-supplied catalog records (e.g. netLibrary, Ebsco, etc.) (Cataloging)
  8. Monitor the implications of changing metadata landscape. (TSC)
  9. Develop a good model of a scholarly portal. (TF and TSC)
  10. Consider possible technical services areas for additional outsourcing. (TSC)
  11. Review our RLIN records converted from Wade-Giles to Pinyin and request/load a snapshot to replace corresponding records in Unicorn. (Cataloging, Systems)
  12. Improve bibliographic control for government publications. (Government Publications Committee, Cataloging, Systems, Administration)
  13. Complete retrospective conversion at Douglass. (TSC)
  14. Continue retrospective conversion activities for other collections. (TSC)

DLI Staffing Goal:

Expand support for staff development within technical services and provide system-wide training for new applications and modules (including authority control). (TSC)

DLI Development/Funding Goal:

  1. Seek financial support from external resources for technical services activities. (TSC)
  2. Plan for ongoing replacement of equipment. (TSC, Administration)

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