Minutes of October 4, 2001 Meeting

Samson Soong (chair), Jeanne Boyle, Lida Sak, Ann Montanaro, Ellen Calhoun, Ron Jantz, Rhonda Marker, Mary Page (recorder), Hector Perez-Gilbe, Bob Sewell, Gracemary Smulewitz, Ned Richards, Theo Haynes

AUL's report: Sam reported that Grace Agnew, the new AUL/DLS, would visit next week. She will begin at RUL on January 2. Collections budget allocations are near completion. This year, 91K is allocated for document delivery.

The Health and Safety Committee will review emergency manuals and procedures and Cabinet will discuss network security related issues.

All MARC records for Ebsco Academic Search Premiere have been loaded, and the process of removing ProQuest links is in progress (Note: Project Completed, as of Oct 30).

Cataloging: Rhonda reported that there has been no feedback about the implementation of authority control, so we assume that the implementation has been well received. Authorities will be updated weekly.

Recon continues at Douglass. New Brunswick selectors are actively working on weeding the collection, and the two projects are synchronized.

The removal of ProQuest titles with RU-ONLINE holdings only is nearly finished. Serials cataloging continues to work on creating separate records for those e-titles that had been added to the record for the print title. (Note: we have removed references to the ProQuest resources from IRIS, as of Oct 30)

The COMFIL collection is no longer in use or a valid collection in IRIS.

Several changes to AACR2 rules will be implemented by the RUL Cataloging Department on December 1. Among them is the re-titling of Chapter 9, "Computer Files" to "Electronic Resources." Additionally, the General Materials Designator (GMD) in the title field of electronic resources will change from [computer file] to [electronic resources]. We will investigate the possibility of changing the existing GMD's using a global edit feature in Unicorn. This will occur sometime after December 1.

Systems: Web caching continues to be a major problem, slowing network connections down considerably. Most of our databases have been excluded from caching. IRIS should not be affected. Email and other web applications will be noticeably slower until a solution is found. Students accessing online resources from residence halls may have difficulty because their connections don't go through the proxy server correctly. The best advice for these students is to come to the library.

Luna is digital imaging software purchased in conjunction with Art History Department, Mason Gross, and the Zimerli Museum and will be used by all campuses, and we are in the early phases of implementation. An e-reserve survey will begin 10/21. New Dells will be installed in New Brunswick public areas, and these are Windows 2000 machines.

Acquisitions: Mary reported that ordering is about 2 weeks behind and labelling is essentially up to date. A training session on Collection Manager, Blackwell's online database, was held for selectors, and we are hoping to implement online ordering and minimize the number of paper forms approval plans. Acquisitions staff has received further training on RLIN and on MARC formats generally, which should enable us to process more materials through FastCat. Sessions on using financial information in Sirsi were presented for the Dana and New Brunswick selectors.

Electronic Monographs at Rutgers: Rhonda led discussion about the various dilemmas that arise with e-monographs. We have fairly well established procedures for e-journals, but e-monographs are presenting new challenges. What is expected of the cataloger for providing access to various e-resources that are now routinely part of electronic books? Collection Development Council will discuss this matter, then a group will be appointed to study and make recommendations on Rutgers handling of e-books.

Preservation: We discussed the recommendations of the Task Force on Preservation, specifically, the implications for Systems and Cataloging. What are needed are system-wide standards for preservation and clarity on who is responsible for Rutgers digital content.

Uploading Blackwell's records to RLIN: We purchase MARC records from Blackwell's that typically are enhanced with Table of Contents information. Blackwell's has prohibited us from loading these records to RLIN, as they are a "value-added" product that they want to sell to other libraries. This has negative implications for interlibrary loan and other services. Mary will enquire whether or not we could load these records with the enhanced fields suppressed.

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