Minutes of Thursday, April 4, 2002 Meeting

Grace Agnew, Ruth Bogan, Ellen Calhoun, Theo Haynes, Ron Jantz, Rhonda Marker, Ann Montanaro, Mary Page, Hector Perez-Gilbe, Ned Richards, Lida Sak, Robert Sewell, Gracemary Smulewitz, Mary Beth Weber (recorder)

New Members

Grace reported that Ruth Bogan and Mary Beth Weber have been appointed to TSC on an ad hoc basis due to the nature of projects in which they are currently involved.

Luna Update- Ann Montanaro

Ann reported that RUL has been put on Luna's implementation schedule as of April 1. We have maps from the SCC and corresponding metadata ready to go. Luna will handle the initial conversion. Art images from the Art History Department will also be part of the initial conversion. Ann is unsure how many art images will be included.

Luna will initially set up our database on their server. A Luna representative will be on-site in May to set up the database locally and to provide training.

Serials Management and Licensing Database Update- Mary Page

(1) Serials Management- Journal Web Cite has been chosen to manage the holdings of our aggregator packages. Journal Web Cite will track the holdings of individual titles and government document periodicals. Usage will be counted per click, which is not available to us with our current vendors. This information will give us comparative statistics. Using this product will provide a trade-off in terms of staff time currently spent manually managing the holdings of aggregator packages.

The next step is to work out payment and terms with Journal Web Cite. The cost is $10,000 for an annual subscription, with a 10% discount since RUL is a Palinet member. An additional discount may be possible given the current budget crunch.

RUL will get the final product even if we cancel our subscription with Journal Web Cite. The company is willing to do a lot of customization for RUL.

Lida Sak expressed concern regarding holdings management for packages, and would like us to confer with other institutions that have used this product. Rhonda Marker asked to what extent the entire package is managed, and asked if it will cover items cataloged serially which are not journals.

(2) Licensing Database Update- Mary reported that a workstation has been set up in Acquisitions with a scanner and Adobe Acrobat. A plan is in development to scan licenses to make them accessible via the internal RUL network. They will begin with alphabetical access to licenses. Bob Terrio and Mary will also attend Access training.

(3) Other- The workflow for materials ordered through the Strand will be streamlined. There will no longer be individual order records. Orders will be accessible through an Excel spreadsheet with access to the individual titles.

Mary presented information on labeling and pre-processed books to the Collection Development Council (CDC) and Access Services. She also spoke with 3 Blackwell's customers, all of whom liked the labels and service. A test bed project will be conducted starting with firm orders.

XML Training

Several individuals attended an XML training course in New York on April 2. TSC members who attended the course discussed their experiences.

Grace discussed SCORM, which marks up objects in IMS, the IEEE standard for learning. She discussed her recent meeting at the Library of Congress to develop a standard. SCORM is being used by the Department of Defense for educational training, and allows one to pull objects in and to create a lesson plan online. BlackBoard and WebCT are compliant with SCORM.

TSC members who attended the XML course suggested that the instructor, Dr. Ng, be hired for a TSC sponsored XML day, or an open forum for RUL.

RLIN- Some TSC members reported on a recent session they attended on the new Eureka interface. Command line searching is a new feature, and will make people more comfortable with using Eureka. The new interface will no longer use frames, and provides a faster response time. The new interface will be used by individuals using RLIN in the staff mode. RLG's Web page makes available background information on the database.

SCC Platform Development Report- Ron Jantz

Ron distributed an interim report from the STP (SCC Technology Platform) Team. SCC has developed about 40 databases. They are now looking at more complex projects, such as an electronic version of the Encyclopedia of New Jersey, which includes text, images, sound, etc. They are looking for a platform that will sustain us into the future.

The STP is looking at technology and tools required for a server, rather than a desktop, environment. They looked at capabilities, interoperability, and sustainability. Sustainability was examined in regards to the 40 databases. The overhead of supporting them into the future will continue to grow. Future support for them was examined.

Ron discussed 2 figures on the last page of the document. Figure 1 shows the current SCC Development Platform; Figure 2 shows the Open Source Development Platform. Ron explained that most university library systems do not run NT or proprietary platforms. Interoperability and exchange of software tools is made possible with the Open Source Platform, which is a hybrid with a larger support function.

There are three trial projects underway: (1) CamdenBase has been converted to Open Source, (2) Roman coins, and (3) the DynaWeb Server, which is a native SGML server used by Special Collections. Ron is working with Tom Frusciano to convert the DynaWeb server to XML.

SCC will not support Oracle due to overhead. Luna, however, will run on Oracle. Ron noted that there is not a big demand for them to make video available on the Web.

The draft that Ron shared with TSC will soon circulate to all RUL faculty and staff for comments. The STP Team will look at trials to see what they have learned. Most new future projects will be steered towards the Open Source Platform. Other projects will continue to run on the other platform as long as there are no problems.

TSC Goals for 2002-2003- Grace Agnew

(1) Examination of OCLC and RLIN- The two utilities will be examined in terms of mission-critical activities. It has been a long time since there has been this type of examination. Interoperability, data mapping, and value added services will be included in the examination. Grace and Jeanne Boyle will co-chair the committee. Ruth Bogan, Lida Sak, Gracemary Smulewitz, Theo Haynes, Ned Richards, Ellen Calhoun, and Judy Gardner will serve on the committee. A representative from CDC will be appointed.

The committee will be broken down into smaller working groups.

(2) Workflow Analysis of Technical Services- Workflow analysis has begun in Acquisitions. The turnaround time from order to shelf will be examined. Book pre-processing is also being examined. It is likely that some tasks will be outsourced to vendors to save staff time.

(3) Recon- Ruth Bogan shared preliminary RUL recon numbers. Her real concern is project management. She currently has 7 full-time staff dedicated to the effort. When Ruth formulates a plan of action, she will present it to CDC to determine which collections will receive first priority. The recon effort will take a collection oriented approach, and will also examine it from a subject and service oriented approach.

(4) Digital Library Initiative- Grace wants the focus of the DLI to be on sustainability. She plans to develop a sustainability questionnaire which will be linked to documents. It will be used to guide projects and evaluate progress.

Three working groups have been established to carry out the DLI: the Infrastructure Working Group, the Data Architecture Working Group, and the Imaging Standards Working Group.

The Infrastructure Working Group will build on Ron Jantz's work, and wants to give it a systemwide focus. This group will be co-chaired by Ron and Ann Montanaro. The group will develop a server management plan to cover security, availability, interoperability, redundancy, software and OS versioning and data management. Ned Richards will represent Dana Library; a Camden representative remains to be appointed.

The Data Architecture Working Group is developing a standards-free core registry, which may be applied to any metadata scheme. They will also examine SCORM implementation. The group will examine the issue of interoperability and schema independence. They will work to develop an architecture that allows us future flexibility and capabilities. Grace wants TSC to host a data repository conference in the coming year, and this working group will serve as the steering committee for organizing the conference. Rhonda Marker will chair this group. Ned Richards, Theo Haynes, Mary Beth Weber, Gracemary Smulewitz, Ruth Bogan, Dave Hoover, Ron Jantz, Kalaivani Ananthan will serve on the committee with Linda Langschied as an invited guest.

The Imaging Standards Working Group consists of Grace Agnew (chair), Ann Montanaro, Jeffrey Triggs, Tom Frusciano, Mary Beth Weber, Vib Bowman, and Vincent Pelote. The working group will explore metadata capabilities of MPeg4, text stream capabilities, and object editing capabilities. The group will define an acceptable preservation format for audio and video, and streaming capabilities. They will also develop minimum standards for submitting images.

PC Management Plan- Grace Agnew

Grace distributed the PC Working Group's (PCWG) response to their charge from her to develop a PC replacement and redistribution plan. Ellen Calhoun supplemented the discussion with copies of workstation specifications as outlined by the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP), which she checked against the PCWG's proposed plan.

Minimum software requirements for PCs need to be examined. Grace will ask the PCWG to examine the FDLP's standards as well as Sirsi's minimum standards. Ann Montanaro stressed that we purchase to the maximum, rather than the minimum, since machines are recycled at RUL. Low-end machines can not be recycled.

Grace will meet with the PCWG to discuss developing a distribution scheme and replacement plan (there is currently no plan in place). The PCWG will need to provide a list of equipment, distribution, etc.

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