Minutes of October 3, 2002 Meeting

Grace Agnew (chair), Ellen Calhoun, Jeanne Boyle, Ann Montanaro, Ron Jantz, Ruth Bogan, Mary Page (recorder) Linda Langschied, Bob Sewell, Rhonda Marker, Gracemary Smulewitz, Michael Joseph

AUL s report:

Grace reported on the OCLC reclamation project. All NJR holdings would be deleted from OCLC; current holdings would be established via an IRIS tapeload. Cost is very high, but Grace expects to negotiate a better price.

TSC agreed that this project should proceed. Once Rutgers holdings are accurately reflected in OCLC through the reclamation project, we are committed to maintaining holdings in both OCLC and RLIN.

OCLC s master record concept simplifies outsourcing of many technical services functions, and we will begin to take advantage of vendor services for shelf-ready materials.

Public Services reported that they discovered unexpected strengths in some foreign materials in OCLC.

Update on NSF grant project: Now known as the Moving Image Collection, or MIC. Forty core elements have been identified. MIC s rationale is Discovery, Access, Preservation and a key goal is to place moving images into the educational mainstream. MIC website pulls from LDAP and its union catalog, and LC serves as the host site.

Metadata Workshop: Rhonda reported that there are 95 registrants for the Metadata Workshop scheduled for October 18th. Linda s staff has new equipment that will be tested and ready to broadcast the program.

Institutional Repositories: Ann and Linda attended an ARL program on institutional repositories. Definitions are not yet clear. Some universities collect only faculty publications some have theses and dissertations, and some collect all university documents. D-Space is currently the most common platform.

Bob and Ruth described the work needed for weeding, recon, and preservation in the NJ materials collections. The emphasis is on local history: the F140 s and NJ state documents. Alexander is almost completed. Cataloging at LSM began in 1984. The plan is to batch the work in manageable segments. It will begin as a pilot project. Another important area to be considered is the P collections.

Evaluation of Technical Services Librarians: We discussed the considerations for peer review of faculty in TS:

Does the candidate:

Announcements: Ann announced that the annual Sirsi UUGI conference will be held March 16-19.

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