Minutes of February 5, 2004 Meeting

Grace Agnew (chair), Ruth Bogan, Jeanne Boyle, Ellen Calhoun, Michael Joseph, Rhonda Marker (recorder), Ann Montanaro, Jim Niessen, Mary Page, Vincent Pelote (videoconference), Bob Sewell, Gracemary Smulewitz, Julie Still (videoconference), Mary Beth Weber
Ka-Neng Au, Kayo Denda
Chris Sterback, Lori Stethers

1. Inventory design project (L. Stethers, SCILS intern, TAS)

L. Stethers reported on a process she developed for RUL to inventory a collection or portion of a collection.

This works only for records that have item records (i.e., monographs). Stethers also tested laptops, wireless network, and PDAs but they introduced more complexities than the paper printout

2. Inventory and Stacks Automation Work Group (ISAWG) interim report (C. Sterback)

Two other members of the WG were present at the meeting and contributed to the report (R. Bogan, G. Smulewitz). The interim report is available online http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/inventory-stacks/ruonly/interim_report_spring_2003.shtml. The WG identified these issues:

WG members expanded on salient goals.

The ISAWG interim report will also be presented at CDC. The final report of the WG will be presented to TSC at its July 2004 meeting. The WG was given the following direction for the completion of its work:

2. Marcive Load Work Group interim report (E. Calhoun)

Two other members of the WG were present at the meeting and contributed to the report (R. Marker, G. Smulewitz). The interim report is available online http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/gov_pubs/reports/marchive_process.shtml. The WG reported on workflow analysis of the GPO record loads as supplied by Marcive. The process of analyzing and processing these records has changed the culture of cross-unit, cross-function collaboration at the Libraries. The WG reported accomplishments in Systems, Cataloging, and campus libraries. In many cases, this process is driving policy decisions that benefit other parts of the library system. For example, acceptance of the NASA Thesaurus (NASAT) terms lead to the definition of "secondary subject" headings in IRIS. Merging records for paper, microform, and online versions of government publications accelerated the establishment of a "root record" policy. [http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/cataloging/procedures/merging_rec_mult_formats.shtml]

There are nine MARC bibliographic files and one MARC authority file in our Marcive subscription. Most of the procedures for loading and processing the files are established, but there are a few files for which loading and processing is not yet normalized. The local policy to merge records for multiple formats requires significant manual intervention in the record load process itself. The WG has noted that there is increased visibility and use of these records, as evidenced by the sharp rise in the number of online Requests for them.

The final report of the WG will be presented to TSC at its August 2004 meeting. That report will include a full impact statement. An additional charge to the group is to address how the PURLs on GPO records affect our use of OpenURL.

3. Cataloging CD-ROMs that accompany print monographs (M.B. Weber)

There are varying practices for housing and shelving CD-ROMs that accompany books. Libraries report that these CD-ROMs are easily stolen, so they often are kept in a secure location at the reference desk or access services area. Some are separated from the book but not documented in IRIS. Others are separated and documented incorrectly, for example as "copy 2." The Special Formats Cataloging Section and the Cataloging Department can support either keeping the CD-ROM and book together or housing them separately. Whatever the decision, the location of all collection materials must be correctly documented in IRIS, and the practice should be uniform across the library system as much as possible. This matter was referred to the Holdings Management Working Group, and M.B. Weber was requested to assist the WG in its deliberations. That WG will report to TSC at its April 2004 meeting.

5. DAWG Operating Assumptions (A. Montanaro)

DAWG has prepared a statement of underlying assumptions about the Rutgers University digital repository that cover the following topics:

The WG notes that the statement does not define such key terms as "repository," "collection," or "object." DAWG will continue to refine and elaborate on the operating assumptions, and report again to TSC at its March 2004 meeting.


URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/tsc/minutes/tsc_04_02_05.shtml
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