Minutes of March 4, 2004 Meeting

Grace Agnew, Ka-Neng Au, Ruth Bogan, Ian Bogus (guest), Jeanne Boyle, Ellen Calhoun, Nick Gonzaga (guest), Rhonda Marker, Ann Montanaro, James P. Niessen, Mary Page, Vincent Pelote, Robert Sewell, Gracemary Smulewitz, Mary Beth Weber.

1. AUL's Report - Grace Agnew

Ann Montanaro is investigating library use of MCUs operated both by RUCS and NJEdge. An MCU is a multi-point communication unit for videoconferencing that works like a switchboard. The current library equipment can only handle 4 simultaneous connections but by using an MCU additional connections can be made. The need to purchase one is important particularly in light of the impending road construction that will restrict access to Douglass Campus.

NJEDge and RUCS both have MCUs. A. Butman is testing RUCS' MCU. With an MCU, we should eventually be able to videoconference four libraries simultaneously; the maximum possible number is six.

NJEDge will be spearheading Shibboleth authentication for the state. This will authorize access to resources only to institutions with a subscription to a particular resource. For example, it may be used to provide access to PBS videos. It may also provide role-based access control, which determines if a user's role is appropriate to grant access to a resource. NJEDge will also test course ID authorization.

Chuck Hedrick of RUCS will handle Shibboleth development. This authentication can also provide proxy authentication.

2. Communications Audit - Jeanne Boyle

Harry Glazer and Jeanne Boyle jumpstarted the process which will examine how well RUL is reaching our primary constituencies. The audit is not about our image or outreach. Instead, it is to learn how best we can explain our services to faculty and students. The audit will also examine how we communicate with each other within the Libraries.

Harry Glazer located an article on library communications audits in Library Media and Public Relations, an online journal. The article was written by Peggy Barber and Linda Wallace, both formerly of ALA. The committee organizing the audit has selected a vendor and is developing a questionnaire for faculty and students. The firm chosen (out of nineteen) for the audit is Library Communications Strategies, Inc., which is also run by Barber and Wallace.

Open forums will be conducted next week to gain information to be used to formulate the surveys. Everyone from RUL is welcome at the forums. Two forums will be held in New Brunswick for those who work in NBL; forums will also be held at Camden and Newark.

Email surveys will be distributed to students and faculty. We have contracted with University of Chicago's library school to develop the surveys. Focus groups will also be held with students and faculty.

3. Bindery module report - Gracemary Smulewitz and Ian Bogus

Gracemary Smulewitz and Ian Bogus are looking for software to save time and which requires less human interaction. RUL was a beta test site for a product which we have now purchased. It saves about 18 hours weekly per bindery shipment. The product utilizes two Sirsi reports: (1) One generated from LINCPlus, the vendor, and (2) one that people in remote libraries can use to gather information for the bindery process. A report of what needs to be bound is run daily.

4. Backup Plan (PCWG) - Nick Gonzaga

A security audit of Systems was conducted about 8 months ago. We generally met all the requirements of the audit. As a result of the audit, more attention will be given to doing backups. The PCWG is examining backups in terms of information management. In February, password changes were instituted. There will be additional changes in the future to comply with the audit findings.

A suggestion was made that orientation for new RUL staff should include computer usage policies, backups, etc. An additional suggestion was made that email storage and usage also be included in orientation, and refreshers be provided to those interested.

Prior to the audit, 5 day backups were done. Full backups are now done on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. This includes backing up all networked drives, including S and T. People will be given adequate notice to backup files and remove personal, non-work related items. PCWG has suggested space limitations for individuals. Grace Agnew suggested naming common files with common names rather than individuals' names. She wants a communication sent to RUL about clean up and removal of old files.

5. Approval Plan RFP - Mary Page and Robert Sewell

Two vendors made presentations to RUL last week. Both could provide RUL with many improvements for technical services processes. Electronic ordering could be instituted almost immediately. Approval plans and technical services operations will improve overall regardless of which vendor is ultimately chosen.

Mary Page plans to submit a report to Robert Sewell to be shared at next week's Cabinet meeting. It will include recommendations that M. Page hopes will be instituted in the next fiscal year.

6. DAWG Operating Principles- - Ann Montanaro

DAWG is working to purchase a mass storage system. An RFP had to be reissued and bids are due back by March 15.

The FEDORA server will reside in Systems.

Design of a workflow management system is currently taking place.

Respectfully submitted by,
Vincent Pelote (based on notes taken by Mary Beth Weber)

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