Minutes of July 1, 2004 Meeting

Grace Agnew (chair), Ruth Bogan, Jeanne Boyle, Ellen Calhoun, Erika Gorder, Rhonda Marker (recorder), Ann Montanaro, Jim Niessen, Gracemary Smulewitz, Mary Beth Weber
(via videoconference) Iliana Bernal, Fatima Cunha, Andrea Lakios, Vincent Pelote, Linda Turzynski (Newark); Gary Golden, Teri McNally (Camden)

1. AUL's Report - G. Agnew

The August meeting is cancelled. Grace will be out for 3-6 weeks beginning July 29 due to foot surgery.

Rutgers hosted the MIC Science Educators Board meeting in June. There was excellent feedback from the educators on how to give the MIC a better user orientation.

Budget: Searching the RLG Union Catalog remains high as our technical services use of OCLC continues to grow. We will make a conservative cut in our RLG contract for next year. We will focus on outsourcing this year. We expect to have complete shelf-ready drop shipments of books for our test site, Robeson Library by the end of the year.

Rutgers hosted a delegation from Princeton University Libraries which is purchasing Fedora. They are also looking at Vital (from VTLS).

Harriet De Ceunynck is retired as of today. Post-retirement, she will work part time in the Cataloging Department to catalog scores. Julie Iliff has been hired as a part time librarian in the Cataloging Department to catalog print and electronic monographs, including original cataloging.

Review of Serials Inventory Process

Gracemary introduced the serials inventory process by first explaining that its purpose is to accurately build MARC Holdings statements and clean the records of superfluous, incomplete or inaccurate holding information. Staff is performing an inventory and adding the holdings to the MARC holding record, then removing the 930 tag from Unicorn records, removing the 599 if it still exists and putting the item records in the correct sequence. Once completed the serial record should have an accurate MARC Holdings statement and the individual items in the correct sequence. This was first tested at the MATH Library. At the present time the Chemistry, Music, Kilmer and Douglass libraries have been inventoried for active subscriptions and the records have been updated.

Linda described the Dana process, in which all staff participate. Dana began their inventory. They are using the 928 field to note "inv [date] [initials]" when a serial has been inventoried. Title changes are not pursued. Individual titles are inventoried only as they appear on the shelf. The Dana Technical Services staff reported on their role in the inventory process. Andrea is the contact person for this project.

Dana will continue to participate in the Holdings Working Group, now renamed the Core Technical Services Committee. It will meet twice monthly until the Dana Technical Services Supervisor position is filled, with Dana participating via videoconference and occasionally hosting the meeting.

ALA Reports

Gracemary Smulewitz reported on the North American Serials Interest Group (NASIG) conference that met the week before the ALA Annual Conference, and the Government Documents Round Table (GODORT)/Association for Library Collections and Technical Services (ALCTS) preconference on improving access to government information in the online catalog. Ann Montanaro reported on the Luna Users Meeting that met two days before the ALA Annual Conference, and on two programs she attended at ALA on portals. Rhonda Marker has been appointed to the ALCTS Membership Committee. ALCTS has instituted a new membership category with reduced dues for support staff. Jeanne Boyle reported on developments at Ingenta, which is being reconfigured again to become Ingenta Connect. Ruth Bogan reported on the Fedora front-end to VTLS, called 'Vital," and on a DigiStates meeting for state digitization projects.

RLIN21 Client

Rhonda demonstrated the new RLIN21 Client interface to the RLG Union Catalog. Camden Technical Services and New Brunswick Collection Services will use Eureka if they need to search the RLG Union Catalog. Cataloging, Acquisitions, and SC/UA will use the RLIN21 client. In addition to those two interfaces, RLG also offers an RLIN21 web interface. After August 31, RLIN Terminal for Windows will be discontinued.

Goals, 2004-2005

[N.B.: The preferred terminology for the local repository implementation is "RU Repository." "Fedora" refers to the specific software package that has been purchased. "Digital Library Repository" does not adequately convey the meaning of a university-wide repository.]

Goal 1. Support effective and sustainable ongoing collection management.

Inventory is the purview of technical services, just as preservation is the purview of collection development. Serials inventory is now underway. Camden is currently doing monographs inventory. DBM is testing their inventory process at Alexander. ADD: weeding process as a subgroup of the objectives

Goal 2. Improve and expand the effectiveness and efficiency of distributed technical services functions.

We need to come up with criteria for prioritization, e.g. impact. Distributed technical services functions are those that are applicable across libraries, campuses, etc.

Goal 3. Improve the efficiency of the purchasing, cataloging and distribution of resources system-wide.

The objectives focus on monographic outsourcing. Mary and Rhonda will jointly take lead responsibility. Add objective to implement an electronic resources management system (ERMS): "Analyze e-resource purchases in terms of the system-wide impact of those purchases." There will be discussion following the TSC meeting to further frame this objective.

Goal 4. (new phrasing) Improve access to collections and analysis of its use.

Possible activity could include purchase and implementation of various products from Sirsi: Director's Station, iLink, conversion to Oracle, ERMS (possible development partner with Sirsi).


Goal 5. Develop, implement, maintain and support the infrastructure to support the development of digital collections.

TSC should prepare strategic scenarios of use of the RU Repository. This could include: in-house digitized collections; faculty departments' digitized collections; customized cataloging (metadata) that allow collection owners to upload their collections to the RU Repository; electronic journal support; support for the cleanup of A/V collections; integration of RU Repository with Luna and Iris. These scenarios can feed into the strategic planning that will go on in 2004/05.

Next Meeting

The August TSC meeting is cancelled. The next TSC meeting is on Thursday, September 9 (following Labor Day).

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