Minutes of October 7, 2004 Meeting

G. Agnew; R. Bogan; E. Calhoun; K. Denda; J. Niessen; K. Au; A. Montanaro, recorder; M. Page; V. Pelote; R. Sewell; G. Smulewitz; M. Weber.
J. Boyle, E. Gorder.

1. AUL Report

iLink was discussed at the September meeting and an implementation timetable reviewed. Because of questions of funding source, placement of the order was delayed. The PC Replacement fund will continue this year and the goal is to replace machines running Windows95. Individuals responsible for established TSC goals should review the measures and set dates for interim reports and completion. Goal 5 (Develop, implement, maintain and support the digital repository infrastructure) needs objectives for promoting awareness. In the near future web pages and a public demonstration should be available. The Scholarly Communication Committee will write a mission statement for the Repository. The Workflow Management System will initially be implemented by NJDH but will also be available for Rutgers users. It will be discussed at the NJEdge Conference.

2. Cataloging Report

Mary Beth Weber announced that the tenure-track position for a Non-Roman Languages Catalog Librarian has been approved for posting.

3. CD-ROMS as Accompanying Material

Gracemary Smulewitz presented a draft of this procedure from the Technical Services Core Working Group (TSCWG). The system-wise procedure is to be applied to all accompanying materials, CD-ROMS, maps, etc. Questions were raised about the practicality of shelving all parts together, use of the staff note in Workflows, labeling and securing those materials. During the next month TSCWG will write procedures in consultation with Access Services for online review and approval by TSC.

4. Workflow Managment System (WMS) for web-based metadata creation

Ruth Bogan discussed the design of the WMS that has been developed for entering metadata into the Repository. Kalaivani Ananthan demonstrated the system showing how data is entered to describe organizations, collections, and objects. Questions were raised about how the repository will be developed, what University records will be accepted, and how and when can records be changed, edited, and/or deleted. Policies and procedures need to be developed.

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