Minutes of December 2, 2004 Meeting

Agnew; Au; Bogan; Boyle; Calhoun; Golden (via video, for Still); Marker; Niessen, recorder; Page; Pelote (via video); Sewell; Smulewitz; Weber. Absent: Denda, Gorder

1. AUL's report: Grace Agnew

The January meeting is cancelled

Grace Agnew noted that Marianne Gaunt is setting up a strategic planning committee, whose deliberations will include two issues of key importance for the TSC: acquisitions and cataloging (committee to be co-chaired by Mary Page and Mary Beth Weber) and the technical infrastructure (committee to be chaired by Grace).

Marianne has asked for 3-5 page reports from both committees by January 15. Grace will ask Chuck Hedrick to be on the second committee. TSC members who are interested in serving on either committee should volunteer.

Ann Montanaro, Ron Jantz, and Ruth Bogan are the planning committee to for the Fedora Users' Conference to be held at Rutgers, May 13-14, 2005.

Four groups have a key role in planning for the Repository:

1, 2: DAWG and Data Architecture (which have practically merged) are focusing on the technical infrastructure.

3: Scholarly Communication Committee: Working on a mission statement for the Repository. It should ask questions such as: What is the content? What should we go after actively, and passively? What should we accept? It's not the role of technical services to say what is suitable for the Repository.

4. Digital Repository Review Committee: Its role is more reactive, to vet proposals that have been submitted to it. "If not approved by this committee [the content] does not get into the repository." Rhonda's project for the Edison Papers will be submitted to the DRRC. The DRRC needs to be institutionalized and have a clear rationale for its decisions. Bob Sewell noted that the committee has reviewed one proposal to date, and three more are on the way.

It is essential to examine staffing issues with the repository. Personnel account for 50-70% of the expense for most digital libraries. Grace is working on a grant with SCILS (Nick Belkin) that will help mobilize SCILS students.

2. NetID Update: Ann Montanaro

We want to move to NetID for authentication to eventually replace the use of barcodes and PIN s for the proxy server. For the first time, NetID and enrolled persons can be matched in the LDAP directory. There will be some library only users (alums) who cannot use remote resources. All library users will still need to use barcodes and PINs, eg for checkouts. Testing has begun, and it is hoped it can be completed by January 5. We need a DNS entry from RUCS, and to get a certificate, in order to do this. The new procedure will be much easier, not require any browser configuration.

Ann believes there will be no impact on MyRutgers, eg no need for a second login for remote access.

3. Oracle Migration: Ann Montanaro

[handout : Moving to Oracle]

We should move to Oracle sometime, but not this year.

Grace noted that Unicode display capability in IRIS (one of the motives for Oracle migration), might be realized linking to the repository for this display. Searching in non-Roman characters would not be available in Sirsi without upgrading to Oracle and moving to Unicode. Architecturally, it may be better to work with Oracle than (as currently) with Informix, which may not be supported in the future.

Ann noted that those Sirsi academic libraries that use Oracle, with the exception of Rice, began on Oracle and already had previous internal experience with Oracle. Training needed for Oracle is significant.

The handout notes that the Sirsi fees will increase as our number of records crosses a new threshold. But the number of records is not a reason to move ahead with Oracle: we will have a more expensive maintenance model after 2 million records regardless of when we move to Oracle. With the Marcive load, we will pass the 2 million mark very quickly. And we shouldn't stop recon either.

Grace urged that we remain sensitive to the needs of our non-Roman script users, including our catalog librarian candidate. Sirsi searches well; Oracle search engines search poorly.

Decision: Defer Oracle for reconsideration in FY06

4. Procedures for Accompanying Materials: Gracemary Smulewitz

[handout: draft notes on 11/02/04 meeting on accompanying material]

Judy was away and her input is needed; input from the TSC was also requested. The key point: our practices for standalone CDs and accompanying material must be consistent across RUL. Circulating standalone CDs (STACKS-COM) should be in cabinets that are accessible to the public. All accompanying material should remain together and be shelved with the main item, and each item will be barcoded, and circulating items will be holdable and requestable.

It is noted that PromptCat will not automatically treat material as stipulated here, therefore flags, alerting, and revision by catalogers or technical services staff will be needed.

CDs will need to be tattle taped; we have bought 9 different models to test them. Calhoun noted that DOCUS-COM is a circulating collection that is already tattle taped.

IJS, Media, and Music are excluded from this proposed policy, but their inclusion might be revisited later.

Decision: Approve pending finalization by the relevant working group.

5. Announcement: Rhonda Marker

The copyright workshop with Mary Minnow will be on December 13 AM in the SCC. Space is still available.

Respectfully submitted,
Jim Niessen

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