Minutes of February 3, 2005 Meeting

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1. AUL's report: Grace Agnew

Grace Agnew reported on her being on an advisory board for the development of the NYPL portal on the Performing Art related to the representation of its moving image materials.

She also spoke about her involvement with a J. Paul Getty foundation funded project, Contemporary American Women Artists Archives: Discovering Their Presence in Archival Collections, with co-directors Ferris Olin and Judith Brodsky. The project will locate and describe the contents of these archives and develop an inventory database of them. Grace is advising the project on the metadata for and the structure of the database, based on here experience with her NSF grant MIC (Moving Image Collections.)

The recruitment for an Asian Language Cataloger has begun. Some applications have been received but not enough. The search committee is looking into ways of broadening the advertising and recruitment efforts.

Mary Page will be taking a sabbatical leave (July 1-December 31) to conduct research on how libraries are transforming their acquisitions departments to respond effectively to the growing digital environment.

2. iLink Implementation Status Update:

Bob Warwick gave an update on the implementation of iLink, the new public catalog interface for SRISI that will replace WebCat. iLink has been in on the test server since November 2004 and IPAC has been reviewing it. IPAC will have made its initial decisions about how it will appear by spring break when it will be open for library review and feedback. The plan is to lease iLink to the public in late May before the beginning of summer session.

3. Design for Workflow for Digital Projects:

Ann Montanaro and Mary Beth Weber presented a workflow chart outlining what needs to happen before and after digital projects are submitted to the Digital Repository Review Committee (DRRC). The four stages are: project development, project review by DRRC, project implementation, and assessment of project. The workflow design will be further reviewed by DAWG, the Digital Architecture Work Group, and DRRC before general distribution.

4. YBP Shelf-Ready Service:

Mary Page reported on her visit to YBP's headquarters. She was impressed with how well thought out the workflow for the shelf-ready service is and with YBP's concern for the ergonomic environment and the general welfare of its staff. End-processing was especially good since it offered consistent placement of labels according to each libraries specifications.

5. Electronic Resources Management:

Mary Page reported on meetings she attended at ALA mid-winter meetings dealing with Electronic Resources Management (ERM) software that tracks the lifecycle of electronic produces from notification of availability through evaluation of the product, to license negotiations, technical evaluation, implementation and maintenance and review. Since the management of e- resources is so complex, all libraries are looking to acquire such systems. The Digital Library Federation is developing ISO standards for such systems. Some integrated library system vendors are offering ERM packages, but only one is fully developed, III (Innovative Interface International) that sells its product as a stand-alone package. TSC asked Mary Page to further investigate ERM packages and to make recommendations for purchase.

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