Minutes of March 3, 2005 Meeting

Agnew; Au (recorder); Bogan; Boyle; Calhoun; Denda; Gorder; Marker; Montanaro; Niessen; Sewell; Weber.

1. AUL's report

G. Agnew reported on recent SIRSI Users Super Conference, attended by Gardner, Smulewitz, and Sterbeck.

2. Gifts Policy

M. Weber shared a document proposing policy and procedures changes for gifts and unit receipts, including Cataloging Department workflow and priorities. Units should conduct pre-catalog searching of IRIS to evaluate whether or not gifts should be added to the RUL collection. They should not search either OCLC or RLIN, since Cataloging must search a bibliographic utility, and the extra expense incurred is not worth the duplicate effort. All gifts must be received in "shelf-ready" physical condition. If a gift book in poor condition is selected for the collection, it's condition must be addressed through binding, boxing or repairing, before it is sent to Cataloging. All gifts in poor condition will be returned to the unit, except those with mold, which will be discarded.

Cataloging must be notified in advance of any gifts that are larger than a a small box. Mark boxes to the attention of Steve Perrotta. M. Weber proposed cataloging gift books as a collection, with catalog entries for author and title of each book. The question was raised about whether this would impact circulation, since the collection would essentially appear as a multi-volume set to the SIRSI circulation module. M. Weber will discuss this issue with J. Gardner before pursuing this option for cataloging. TSC approved all other recommended policy and procedure changes for gift books.

3. Recon Update

R. Bogan distributed a brief progress report on Alex Recon. By February 2005, there were about 105,000 RECON items in Alexander Library, compared to about 23,000 in October 2003. Also, Robeson Library is conducting an inventory of selected sections.

4. Accompanying Materials

G. Smulewitz submitted a final proposal for policy changes to books with accompanying materials. G. Smulewitz was not able to attend TSC, so M. Weber led the discussion of the draft guidelines for handling circulating books with accompanying materials. A suggestion was made to isolate the section on non-book materials for a separate report which is to be reviewed later. The committee is to address the comments from Council e.g. regarding tattletape, packaging, and shelving.


M. Weber talked about the "Bookland" EAN or European Article Number which is essentially a 13-digit ISBN. This 13-digit ISBN has already begun to appear on books. Also discussed were implications for cataloging in the various bibliographic utilities. RUL will follow LC's practice of providing two 020 (MARC) fields for the 13-digit and 10-digit ISBN when both appear on the booj. Systems will work with Cataloging and acquisitions to provide a script to move 13-digit ISBNs for records imported from OCLC into the 024 field that OCLC is using on an interim basis for 13-digit ISBNs. No accommodation will be made to move 13-digit ISBNs into an 024 field for records being sent to OCLC unless OCLC rejects the records.

Meeting adjourned at 11:30am.


Alexander Recon: The Five Minute Progress Report

 Oct 2003 Feb. 2005
Cards remaining 119,00055,000
RECON items in IRIS 26,183ca. 110,000
RECON items in ALEX 23,120ca. 105,000
OCLC cost per item added   $0.65
RECON items circulated 86 265
Circs per 1000 RECON items 3.28 2.41

IAQs (Infrequently Asked Questions)

  1. Recon is the conversion of existing shelf list data into MARC format
  2. Alex shelf list excluded: AV-Off, Doc Ref, Eng, Folio, Juvenile, Juvenile Folio, M-Film, Film Per, Per, Ref, Sensia, Soc, Spader, Stephens, X Micro Card
  3. Reports of titles missing from Alex are now sent to the Annex for checking before records are removed from IRIS. Some missing titles are being found in the Annex.

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