Minutes of August 4, 2005 Meeting

Agnew; Au; Boyle; Calhoun; Gardner, R; Howard; Jantz Marker; Montanaro; Smulewitz (recorder); Weber.
Sewell, Gorder

AUL Report: G. Agnew

Repository Development and Technical Management - (handout distributed)

A steering committee, with multiple working groups reporting to the Steering Committee, will be formed to continue the development and ongoing maintenance of the repository. The Steering Committee will include the chairs of the working groups associated with the development. The handout will be revised regarding working group memberships and chairs, resulting from the discussion today.

The groups are:

A Steering Committee

Working Groups : Architecture; Metadata; Staffing; Faculty Services/Applications and Training and Outreach.

A. Montanaro suggested that reports from the working groups should be submitted to the Steering Committee in writing.

The council discussed how priorities are established for repository projects. Right now the priority is based on the Library Strategic Plan In order to help gauge the order of priority, library faculty need to be aware of departmental grants that are being issued. The marketing plan for the repository will be coordinated with the Digital Repository Review Committtee (DRRC).

A review of 2005 goals and accomplishments

The review showed that work is ongoing and there have been positive results.

A summary of these are:

  • Serials Inventory at Dana as test bed -
    • Dana Technical Services staff have been conducting a simple inventory and are poised to put a comprehensive process in place that includes MARC holdings and a timetable for completion
  • Improve and Expand on Distributed Technical Services Functions:

    The work is ongoing but some notable accomplishments:

    • Standards have been applied to "end processing" for the entire system. A proposal for "accompanying material" has been accepted and is in the implementation process.
    • MARC holdings standards for notes, exceptions and government documents have been documented and accepted system wide.
      • Serials Acquisitions Management is being conducted with system wide participation. Subscriptions for same titles have been consolidated with same vendors. Encumbered and not paid subscriptions have been evaluated for problems and trends
    • Improve efficiency of the purchasing, cataloging and distribution of resources system-wide.
      • Promptcat is working. A test of shelf ready material for Camden has been received from YBP, which will reduce the need for extensive end processing. Material comes barcoded, tattletaped with ownership stamp. Areas that will need further end processing upon receipt will be serials, items with accompanying material and multi-volume sets.
      • Camden material has not been drop-shipped yet. That will be next phase. Will explore shipping to other libraries.
    • Improve collection access, analysis and use.
      • SIRSI iLink web platform has been purchased and installed.
      • Director's Station has been purchased and implemented.- training is taking place with Systems Department.
      • Oracle database migration. This was evaluated and a recommendation provided to TSC that further study is needed. The expense and effort cannot currently be justified by existing applications and plans for the ILS.
      • Complete retrospective conversion of the Alexander Library collection. - will be completed by end of year. Will then consider LSM New Jersey documents, Annex and IJS.
    • Develop, implement, maintain and support the digital repository infrastructure.
      • Develop and document procedures for end-to end creation of digital collections - will be developed by September.

ARL statistics

The council discussed the discrepancies in statistics collection. The hope is that Director's Station (DS) will be helpful to this process. Its role has to be established. A benchmark must be established for statistics so that with the help of DS the statistics will be meaningful. It was noted that ARL statistics are being evaluated to determine what statistics are going to be important to research libraries in the future.


R. Becker or a representative from the Strategic Planning Committee will be invited to a future Technical Services Council meeting to provide insight into the strategic planning discussions.


Repository Development and Technical Management

Repository Steering Committee:


Oversee the working groups; Make policy and procedure decisions. Report to Technical Services Council and refer decisions to TSC and/or Cabinet, as needed.

Approve version specifications and working group deliverables and timetables.

Meet twice monthly.

  • Grace Agnew - Chair
  • Kalaivani Ananthan
  • Ron Jantz
  • Linda Langschied
  • Ann Montanaro
  • Rhonda Marker
  • Mary Beth Weber

Working Groups:



Develop and publish version specifications and timetables. Oversee and perform the work to develop the Fedora architecture and integrated core applications, such as the Workflow Management System to support the three objectives of preservation, access and services.

  • Ron Jantz - Chair
  • Grace Agnew
  • Kalaivani Ananthan
  • Dave Hoover
  • John Keisers
  • Jeffrey Triggs
  • Yang Yu



Responsible for development, modification and evaluation of the repository metadata schemas and responsible for developing specifications, testing and training for tools, such as the WMS and Luna, for ingest or export of metadata. Responsible for developing core competencies and workflow, as well as staffing for workflow, to create, edit and manage metadata within the repository. Responsible for developing a metadata liaison and workflow plan for librarians and paraprofessionals in TAS to support metadata development and creation for RU projects utilizing the repository, Luna, and any future applications

  • Mary Beth Weber - Chair
  • Rhonda Marker
  • Kalaivani Ananthan
  • Gracemary Smulewitz


Responsible for identifying the requiring staffing; prioritizing and developing job descriptions for vacant staff lines to support unmet needs. Responsible for overseeing revision of job descriptions for exising staff, training and workflow, in conjunction with the relevant managers, for existing staff participating in ongoing repository development and management.

  • Ann Montanaro - Chair
  • Ron Jantz
  • Mary Beth Weber
  • Linda Langschied
  • Gracemary Smulewitz

Faculty Services / Applications

Responsible for identifying and prioritizing applications needed to support preservation, access and services to RU faculty. Investigate existing services and applications offered by other Fedora sites for potential reuse by the RU repository. Develop an application testing plan, involving both alpha and beta testing, for both usability and functionality

  • Linda Langschied - Co-chair
  • Rhonda Marker - Co-Chair
  • Kalaivani Ananthan
  • Isaiah Beard

Training and Outreach

Responsible for developing the RU repository website and providing outreach and training to RUL faculty and staff. Develop a "training the trainer" program for RUL faculty liaisons.

  • Grace Agnew - Chair
  • John Brennan
  • Tracey Meyer
  • Rhonda Marker

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