Minutes of September 8, 2005 Meeting

Agnew; Au (recorder); R.Gardner; Gorder; Howard; Marker; Montanaro; McNally (via videoconference); Sloan; Smulewitz
Boyle; Fecko; Page; Sewell.

1. AUL's report

G.Agnew reported on general conditions in the gulf states following Hurricane Katrina as well as library conditions at Tulane University.

In Council's discussion of the minutes for previous meetings, G.Agnew reviewed digital video compression technologies as they affect RUL's adoption of Matrox DigiSuites for the NJ Digital Highway. Minutes for the June, July, and August meetings were approved.

2. Media Task Force Report

J.Sloan summarized the report and the discussion revolved around several of the recommendations: funding for moving image collections e.g. from Film Media Group; technical support for digital video and instructional technology development; stronger relationships with consortiums such as VALE and NJEdge; improvements needed for local catalog (IRIS) access. Council endorsed the recommendations of the report but emphasizes that future endeavors in this area should include representation from Technical and Automated Services.

3. Technical Services Council Goals

R.Marker distributed a draft of FY2006 Goals; Council added several specific objectives and G.Agnew will distribute a revised version by e-mail for approval.

4. Principles for the Networked World

Discussion ensued. Council recommended that Cabinet re-visit this document after the current strategic planning process is completed.

Meeting adjourned at noon.

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