Minutes of February 2, 2006 Meeting

Grace Agnew (Chair), Jeanne Boyle, Rebecca Gardner, Erika Gorder (recorder), Ron Jantz, Rhonda Marker, Ann Montanaro, Mary Page, Jane Sloan, Gracemary Smulewitz, Mary Beth Weber. Guests: Chris Sterback and Bob Warwick.
Bob Sewell

1. Adjournment

The meeting came to order at 9:35 am

2. Review of Minutes from February 2006 Meeting

The minutes were approved as distributed.

3. AUL's Report: Grace Agnew

A. Rutgers University Libraries are being considered for a Sun Center of Excellence(SUNCOE). RUL is currently considering the benefits and determining a scope of work. If selected, RU will be among institutions such as Cornell, Stanford, NYU and others, in the top echelon of digital libraries. Sun is a big supporter of Fedora and are offering discounts on equipment, assistance in documenting and distributing our WMS as an open source software application; access to other open source tools sponsored by Sun and assistance developing additional open source applications for Fedora.

B. Grace Agnew and Jane Sloan attended the VALE Video Committee to discuss participation in a collaborative purchase of digital video on demand titles and to preview technical options in support of streaming video to library users. Three technical options are possible: an internal server with bundled FMG software, which enables faculty to select and annotate excerpts of video titles for viewing, use of FMG servers, which are available via the commodity Internet, and use of the NJEdge forthcoming network and server farm, which would be available via an Internet2 connection. . Some problems with streaming of video include: problems with bandwidth on campus (we are getting mixed messages about the robustness of our bandwidth), congestion for RU's commodity Internet connection, and whether or not enough Rutgers classrooms are enabled to make this service useful. We will test (?) with the encouragement that even if the it fails, we would know where to spend our money and won't spend a lot on something that may fail.

C. GA reported that Marianne Gaunt, after meeting with V.P. for Academic Affairs Furmanski and Ray Capriani, wanted to emphasize that video is a priority with RU and RUL from a collection development point of view and is on par with a traditional journal subscription, for example.

D. Grace Agnew also reported about a digital video platform being considered for purchase for systemwide video encoding use, to be housed at the Dana Library in Newark. The Matrox Axio encoding platform is a high end encoder that will create uncompressed digital video suitable for preservation from a range of inputs (S-VHS, Beta SP, DigiBeta, VHS, MiniDV, etc. The platform includes 4 terabytes of on-board storage, fiber channel connection to the workstation for faster encoding, two monitors, and Adobe Premiere software; it evidently speeds up the process of encoding. In an ensuing discussion of the system, which will be purchased through an IMLS grant at a cost of $55-65,000, several issues surfaced. Jane Sloan emphasized the difference between digitization for streaming versus digitization for preservation; issues with configuration; and the pros and cons of a MAC versus PC platform. Erika Gorder inquired whether or not accompanying analog/digital and diagnostic machines required for the transfer and digitization process had also been purchased. She raised general questions on how this system would actually perform the transfer process (what formats could it play, etc.). Grace Agnew will review these questions with the vendor before purchase.

4. Demonstration of Director's Station: Chris Sterback and Bob Warwick

The demo of Director's Station Version 3.7 included all elements of the functionality and usefulness of the program. The many benefits include:

December 2005-February 2006 complete demonstrations. Training for a target audience will begin in the Spring. The training manual will be put on the Libraries Staff Resources web page and it is up to various operational units to decide who will get Director's Station and training.

5. TSC Goals FY 2006

The following are brief comments regarding discussions and various updates to the Goals. Organized roughly by Goal # as documented in Technical Services Council Goals, FY 2006 (Adopted October 6, 2005)

Goal 1:

Goal 2.

Goal 3.

Goal 4.

Goal 5.

6. Round Robin-Highlights of ALA Midwinter by attendees

All in all TSC members agreed that the conference was a very special, exciting, and unusual Midwinter!

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