Minutes of May 4, 2006 Meeting

Grace Agnew (chair), Rebecca Gardner, Erika Gorder, Ron Jantz, Rhonda Marker (recorder), Ann Montanaro, Robert Sewell, Jane Sloan, Chris Sterback (guest) Li Sun, Mary Beth Weber.


  1. The Use of Item Types in Unicorn: A Suggestion for Change
  2. Recon Update
  3. Electronic Resource Access and Integration Task Force Report
  4. Budget Reduction for Technical Services Discussion

1. The Use of Item Types in Unicorn: A Suggestion for Change (C. Sterback)

C.Sterback distributed background information on the Item Type and the LIS Committee's recommended change.

The Item Type element in Unicorn supports:

2. Recon Update (M.B. Weber)

M.B. Weber announced that the Alexander Library recon is completed. The Database Management staff recently completed verifying that items are on the shelf at Alexander Library. They are now working on recon followup. The work that remains to be done includes transcribing ca. 500 monographic items that could not be converted, and about 100 serials that will also required original transcription. DBM continues to work on the LSM New Jersey documents recon. We acknowledged the DBM staff who worked on this massive project: Nancy DeNicola, Hala Issa, Brenda Carter, and Susan Graham, who were present to receive a round of applause from the Council for their work. Also working on the recon were Virgia Miller and Bonnie Spaventa. Others in the Cataloging Department assisted, including Roman Frackowski, Elizabeth Leister, Steven Zhahorbenski, and Steve Perrotta.

3. Electronic Resource Access and Integration Task Force Report (A. Montanaro)

A. Montanaro distributed the Task Force's report and a schematic of the tasks that an Electronic Resource Management system (ERM) would handle. The Task Force was originally charged to develop requirements for an RFP for an integrated system for metasearching, OpenURL, and resource management. Because of next year's budget outlook, the Libraries decided to purchase the necessary products this spring, and the Task Force gave their recommendations based on the research they had already done. A purchase order has been issued, and we have begun training on the OpenURL module. RUL is a partner with Sirsi on the development of an interface with the Acquisitions module and ERMS database. The Networked Resources Manager has begun working on the knowledge base. We will move from our current holdings management product to the new one before July 1, 2006. Although the Task Force has discharged their original charge, they asked to continue to work on the implementation. The Council agreed, suggesting the addition of two members: a cataloger, and a public service librarian with an anthropology background. The products purchased are:

The committee will begin exploring options for implementation of the federated searching component

4. Budget Reduction for Technical Services Discussion (G. Agnew)

G. Agnew discussed some of the decisions that have been made to meet the ten percent reduction in the technical services budget for 2006-2007. The Special Formats Catalog Librarian position, which had been posted and received applications, has been frozen. Our PALINET allocation was cut by 35%. We will not begin any new recon projects, but if the new budget allows, we will add holdings from other libraries' copies to existing IRIS records. The freeze on new recon also extends to anticipated work on IJS and SC/UA collections. We will be able to continue acquisitions and cataloging work on new receipts, and hopefully do some cataloging on the backlog of received items and gifts. Drop shipment to Camden will continue, but we will not pursue drop shipment to Newark, or shelf-ready cataloging in New Brunswick. The budget cut to PALINET will also limit our flexibility for special projects, such as large gift collections or microform sets. The RLG technical services budget has been severely reduced. We do not know how the announcement of the previous day about the merger of OCLC and RLG will affect our budget, although we hope that it will result in cost savings. We will continue to support ILL, but will severely limit the use of RLIN for cataloging. Our simultaneous user level for RLIN21 staff accounts, which accommodates all staff use of RLIN, has been reduced from 7 simultaneous accounts to 2. Public and technical services use will be very difficult with only two simultaneous users, so it is *strongly recommended* that public services use "RedLightGreen" (RLG) and OCLC's WorldCat for reference use, with RLIN21 as a last resort only.

Governor Corzine has made it clear that he views budget cuts as a challenge to organizations to learn to "work smarter" to accomplish their goals with fewer resources. We will continue to work on developing RUcore as a strategy for working smarter. We anticipate that RUcore will be a centralized cyberinfrastructure for faculty who publish research resulting from federal research money. The repository is intended to be a core service to our users, particularly to advance research and a way for the university as a whole to demonstrate "working smarter" through collaborative archiving and access to research results. Other ways of working smarter within the libraries include consortial activities such as PALCI and the Knowledge Initiative. G. Agnew urged us all to rally behind the Knowledge Initiative, to demonstrate how money it has saved the state's libraries. Currently, Rutgers is not represented as an active beneficiary in the publicity about the Knowledge Initiative. Marianne and Bob are working to change the budget outlook, but they need help. The budget reductions are distressing but also an opportunity for the Libraries to show that we have strengths and efficiencies and the ability to constantly strive to "work smarter" and not just cut back.

Announcements: We will become a Sun Center of Excellence (Sun COE), and will purchase equipment at a substantial discount through that program, using this year's funds.

Next meeting: June 1, 2006, 9:30 a.m., TSB Conference Room.
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